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every field is off the same size, you might be asking about the stadium size.

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Q: Which football field is the largest in the world?
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Which is second biggest sport in the world?

football. Football is the largest sport! The second largest sport is Field Hockey

What is the largest a tennis court football field or a hockey rink?

it is a football field, dear friend. however, a squash court is taller!!!!!!!!!!

What country contains the world's largest natural gas field?

Qatar has the largest natural gas field in the world.

Where is the lagers t football field in the world?

There are two stadiums in the world that share the record of the world's largest football stadium capacity.One is in Mexico and the other is in Iran.They both have a maximum capacity of approximately 120 000 spectators

Largest football stadiums?

The largest football stadium in the world is in North Korea and it holds 150,000 people. The second largest is in India.

Where is the world's largest single gas field located?

The world's largest gas field is South Pars/Asalouyeh gas field, which is shared between Iran and Qatar.

The ruhr coal field in is one of th largest in the world?

Yes, the Ruhr coal field is one of the largest in the entire world. This coal field provides coal for all of Germany.

What sport ranks second in attendance per year?

Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest participation team sport in the world. First being Football (Soccer)

What is the diameter of the world's largest football?


Which team of Football won the Largest no of World Cup of Football?

Brazil has won 5 men's World Cups.

How many seats are there in the WAshington Redskin's stadium?

The Redskin's Stadium - FEDEX FIELD - seats around 92,000, unofficially. It is the largest outdoor football venue in the NFL. The Redskin's Stadium - FEDEX FIELD - seats around 92,000, unofficially. It is the largest outdoor football venue in the NFL.

Where is the largest field in the world?


Where is the world's largest corn field?


Where is the world's largest football stadium?

My high school

Largest college football attendance?

The largest college football game ever witnessed by attendance is unofficially 120,000 at Soldier's Field Chicago in 1927, Notre Dame 7, USC 6 The largest official game ever witnessed was also Notre Dame and USC at Soldier's Field Chicago in 1929, with almost 113,000

Largest football stadium in the world?

Great Strahov Stadium is the largest stadium in the world with a capacity of 240000 seats

What is the largest number of players a football team can have on a field?

During a typical play, there are only 22 players allowed on the field, 11 on each side.

Where is the largest geothermal field in the world?

Leyte, Philippines

World largest soccer field?

The millennium stadium

What is the largest sport in the world?

Soccer or as some call it Football is the biggest sport in the world!

Who is the largest supplier of oil field services?

Halliburton's purchase of Dresser Industries made Halliburton the world's largest supplier of oil field services.

What is the largest football stadium called?

The Rungrado May Day stadium is the largest soccer stadium in the world.

Are Manatees and Dugong the largest sea herbivores?

Yes, they eat about a football field sized amount of grass each day. Making them the largest sea herbivores.

What is the largest field house in the world?

New Castle Field house. its a small town in Indiana

Which football club plays at the world's largest football stadium?

The largest soccer arena in the world is the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Highest attendance reports vary between 199,854 and 200,000 people.