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Camp nou and San Siro

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Q: Top 10 Largest football pitch in European?
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How big is the europa champions league cup?

It's massive. It is the top prize in European club football.

When did Czech Republic join European Union?

May 1, 2004. The year of the largest enlargement the European Union had seen, where nine countries on top of the Czech Republic joined the European Union.

Who are the top 10 highest goal scorers in European football in 2011?

Cristiano Ronaldo is #1 with 42 goals.

Top 1AA football teams?

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What are the conditions on which English football clubs are eligible for European cups?

The top three qualify automatically , but the fourth team will have to qualiffy through the rounds.

Who is the largest city that did not host a top flight football in the UK?

With Hull's promotion in 2008, the title now passes to Plymouth, with a population of 243,795.

Who won in football last night?

bankbet99: What you said last night was: June 28, 2021, the football match has the European Cup: Netherlands 0: Czech Republic 2, Czech Republic advances to the top eight, Belgium 1: Portugal 0, Belgium advances to the top 8.

What kind of application is Mais Futebol?

Mais Futebol Is an Android Application That You Can Download on Your Android or Smart Phone. It Provides Continuously Updated Information of Football Results in Portuguese. It Provides News and Information on the Football League and the European Football Clubs and Top Clubs in Portugal.

Top 10 largest population in the world?

which are the top 10 largest population of the word

Which top 6 football clubs have won the most European cups?

The top six clubs to win the europen cups are Real Madrid, Liverpool, A.c milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

What are the top 20 college football programs in football?


Who are the top 100 winningest high school football programs?

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When was Top Eleven Football Manager created?

Top Eleven Football Manager was created on 2010-05-09.

Which football team has the most members?

Nearly all teams in European top leagues have a lot of players, there you can include first team, second team and youth set up

Who is Greece top scorer in football?

The top scorer in Greece football is Dean Testani and he is the center forward on AEK Athens.

When did Arsenal football club gain promotion to top flight football?

Arsenal were last promoted into the top flight in 1919.

Who is the top football player?

the recent football player is Lionel Messi

What is Americans top European vacation destination?

The top European tourist destinations for Americans are divided between London, Paris and Rome.

What is the Dee on a football pitch used for?

The D keeps players 10yds from the penalty spot during a PK. If no D was on the top of the penalty box players would be 6yds from the spot.

Who is second and third largest corn producers?

The US, China and Brazil are the top producers of the various types of corn. The European Union produces a little more than Brazil.

Where can one buy a table top football online?

One can buy a table top football at a variety of places online. For example, one could purchase a table top football from online stores such as Amazon, eBay, or Argos.

How do you keep a European tour card?

You have to finish in the top 118 of the European Tour

List of the 10 top richest club in the world of football?

International football

Is swimming one of the top sports?

top sports: soccer, football,...