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Q: Which football clubs end in athletic?
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What are the last names of English league football clubs apart from city and united?

Oldham ATHLETIC, Preston NORTH END, Tottenham HOTSPUR

When did Alumni Athletic Club - football - end?

Alumni Athletic Club - football - ended in 1913.

When did Knickerbocker Athletic Club football team end?

Knickerbocker Athletic Club football team ended in 1902.

When did Athens-Piraeus Football Clubs Association end?

Athens-Piraeus Football Clubs Association ended in 1924.

Which football team plays at East End Park in Scotland?

Dunfermline Athletic Football Club

What is the connection between arsenal psv eindhoven wigan athletic bayern munich Bolton wanderers?

Answer: They're all football clubs

Why do Preston north end not have to wear a change strip?

They are one of the founding football clubs

How many football clubs names start and finish with the same letter?

5: Aston villa, Liverpool, Charlton Athletic, Northampton town, York city

When was Alumni Athletic Club - football - created?

Alumni Athletic Club - football - was created in 1898.

When was Pittsburgh Athletic Club - football - created?

Pittsburgh Athletic Club - football - was created in 1891.

Where could one find athletic clubs in London?

One can find athletic clubs in London by visiting the local gym for more information as many fitness clubs are held at the gym. Another option would be to contact the community center for clubs that one can join.

What is more athletic baseball or football?