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The Carbons. I've owned both cleats and I like Nike and the Vapor Carbons better.

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Q: Which football cleat is better nike zoom vapor carbon fly or Adidas scorch adizero?
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What is the best football cleat?

Well, that's a very debatable question, but as of now, it would wither be the Adidas Adizero Scorch or the Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly. Those are both very expensive shoes, so some other good ones under 50$ are Under Armour Nitro, and the Nike Vapor Jet 4.2. The Adidas Adizero Scorch is the the lightest cleat in the game at 8.6 ounces. Although most all-star NFL pros like Mike Vick, Dez Bryant, Troy Palomolu and Desean Jackson wear Nike. Also the Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly are the best for football players who like to look good when they're playing.

What is the lightest molded football cleat?

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly FG------6.8ozPuma v1.815 Ferrari --- 6.8ozNike Mercurial Vapor Superfly FG 2-----6.5ozAdidas Adizero -----5.8ozPuma V1.10 SL ------5.3ozAdidas Adizero Prime -------- 5.1 ozThe Adidas Adizero Prime would be the smallest at 5.1oz.

What shinguard does messi wear?

adidas F50 Carbon

What are the best football boots in the world?

The Nike Mecurial Elite series (Nike mercurial vapor, superfly,glide,miracle,victory,T90 laser lll,tempo legend,and ctr360).i think its your own opinion really and what u think u need from a football boot the most, if u wants speed then Nike mercurial vapor's or puma v.108 or f50 adizero's are your best options, power then the Adidas predators or Nike T90 laser lll are the ones to go for, touch is really Nike tempo legend or the Adidas adipure's. i think Nike mercurial vapor VI or Nike mercurial superfly are the best options they are very light. and are made of three components to speed carbon fiber, Fiber glass ,and flywire .the The vapors have a lace cover and fiber glass but no flywire or carbon fiber those are what the superflys are made of at 7.2 ounces and 8.0 ounces for the vapors. But if you want light speed try the f50 adizeros at 5.0 ounces.

Is carbon dioxide a limiting factor for dandelions on the football field?

carbon dioxide

What is another name for Fullerene?

football carbon

Is high carbon steel metal better or 1045 carbon steel?

1045 is better

What is the form of the carbon that look like football?


What are the best football cleats for wide receivers?

if u r looking for a wide pair of soccer cleats u need to check out a pair of nomis cleats and yes they r expensive costing around $200-280 dollars they r made of kangaroo leather and they are long lasting and comfordable boots

What is eye black in football made up of?

Beeswax, paraffin, and carbon

Is need for speed carbon better than need for speed prostreet?

Purpose wise, Carbon is a lot better. But, career wise, Prostreet kicks the Carbon right out of Carbon. I own both and love them equally :-)

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