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Orbital would be enough for refinishing. Much less chance of damage to the floor also. Unless you have used one before or the floor needs leveling, a belt sander can ruin a floor very quickly.

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Q: Which floor sander would be better for refinishing a hardwood floor that is in pretty good shape and needs to be refinished and not leveled a drum sander or a orbital sander?
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The Basics of Refinishing Hardwood with a Floor Sander?

The thought of refinishing a hardware floor can be make a homeowner cringe, especially if multiple rooms needs to be done. A floor sander can make this job significantly less labor-intensive, allowing avid do-it-yourselfers to tackle the job and save some money. Sanding is the first step to the refinishing process and the purpose is the remove the existing varnish or lacquer from the wood. Wear and tear on a hardwood floor shows up as tiny scratches and scuffs that make the wood look dull and old. Refinishing can breath new life into the floor and make the room more attractive. Refinishing hardwood floors is an important project to finish before attempting to sell a home. There are two types of floor sanders that can be purchased or rented. The first is called a drum sander, and the business end consists of a round cylinder or "drum" with a sheet of sandpaper wrapped around it. The drum spins and drags the sandpaper across the floor, wearing off the old finish as well as shallow scratches and other flaws. Drum sanders are very effective, but they must be kept moving constantly. If the sandpaper spins in the same place for very long, it will sand through the wood and leave a groove that cannot be removed. The second type of floor sander is known as an orbital sander. These machines are designed specifically for refinishing floors. To avoid gouging the wood, an orbital sander uses a flat disc with sandpaper on the bottom. The sander spins the disc and drags the sandpaper flat across the floor. Orbital sanders are lighter then drum sanders, and are often easier to use. When using a floor sander, it is important to understand the numbers used for sandpaper grits. Lower numbers denote coarser paper, good for rough work like removing all the old finish at once. Higher number indicate finer sandpaper, good for finishing the job and smoothing out scratches and lines. You will want to begin with lower grits and then move up as you complete the job. This will result in a beautifully finished floor.

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