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snow skiing

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Q: Which first snow ski or water ski?
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Related questions

What do you ski on?

You can snow ski or water ski, but you are always ON the same thing- skis!

Can you snow ski in Florida?

trust me the only way u can ski is on the water or in an indoor area

Is ski an adverb?

No, it is not. It is a verb (to ski, on snow or water), or a noun (one of the footboards used in skiing).

Are there any water-ski or snow-ski tournaments in North Carolina?

yes in wilmington thanks. from: Messi

What ski resort was the first to use artificial snow?

Artificial snow was first used in 1952 in the Grossinger's Catskill Resort which is situated in the Catskill mountains in New York. The Arizona Snowbowl became the first resort to use artificial snow made entirely from effluent water in 2013.

What effects does ski wax do on skis?

Ski Wax basically helps the ski Glide better on snow. There are some different types of wax, but your basic wax (for skiing/ snowboarding) creates a layer on the base of your ski (or board) that helps maximize the the film of water that is created between your ski and the snow, helping it to go faster, in combination with the small grooves on the bottom of your ski. You can tell if you need wax or not, when the base of your skis starts going white, at the edges at first. There are different waxes for different snow temperatures, but you can mix these or buy 'all-round' wax.

How do ski resorts make fake snow?

In layman's terms, ski resorts buy machines that shoot misted water into the air when the air temperature is below a certain point. The mist freezes in the air and falls back to the ground (ski run) as snow.

What percent of Americans ski?

The National Ski Area Association reports that only about 4 percent of Americans snow ski. An article from the Chicago Tribune reported that only 7 percent of Americans water ski.

What is white and you can ski on it?


Why does salt on a ski hill make the snow more firm?

The salt temporarily melts the snow, creating water. The water then refreezes, creating ice. Ice is much firmer, and faster than snow.

What chemicals are in fake snow?

If you are referring to "man made snow" found at many ski hills or corn snow (because of its shape) it is made from water. If the water is coming from a stream, river or a pond it is run through a filter to prevent clogging the snow gun but whatever is in the water is in the snow, so don't eat the snow.

What does ski friendly mean?

Ski/snow = Cocaine

Why people can you ski on snow?

Skiing is a winter sport. Yes, people can ski on snow using skis.

Why are ski's better than wheels on snow?

Because ski's are flat, they skid along the snow's surface. But wheels can get stuck under snow.

What is a snow sport that rhymes with tree?

Are ski goggles good for just playing in the snow?

Mostly for skiing, but they help de-intensify the light refracted from the snow OR water. Use them as you like.

Are ski clothes typically water proof or water resistant?

Most ski pants are very thick and warm. They are also mainly waterproof so you will not get very wet. You might, at the end of the day, feel a little damp or cold, but you won't be wet while skiing with a snow or ski suit on.

Can you ski in livigno in spring?

Ski season in Livigno usually ends the first Sunday of May. Until mid April snow conditions are very good, then it gets slushy.

How do you spell skii?

The correct spelling is ski (on snow or water), with the gerund form skiing.

Where did water skiing become an invention?

Waterskiing was invented in 1922 by 18 year old Ralph Samuelson in Lake City Minnesota on Lake Pepin . He stated that if you could ski on snow, you could ski on water.

Where in the world can you ski?

You can ski anywhere as long as you have skis and are in the mountains in the snow

Which snow sport rhymes with tree?


What do use for skiing?

you use skis to ski on snow and when you do ski jumping

Can you ski in Maryland?

Ya if you have skis, are in the mountains, and there is snow you can ski anywhere!

Is there a temperature where you can't make snow for ski slopes?

for snow to be snow, not water, the temperature of the air has to be below 0 degrees Celsius (freezing point) and the ground has to be below 0 degrees Celsius.