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Q: Which famous pro athletes have sustained a broken knee?
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Why Illnesses and Injuries are associated with sports participation in football?

Athletes that participate in football can suffer from traumatic head and knee injuries, concussions, and broken bones. This occurs because football is a contact sport and athletes often get hit while playing.

Is massage indicated after knee injury?

Subacute is an injury sustained with several weeks. So the massage was done to the knee that was sustained several weeks ago. Acute would be an injury several hours ago.

What do Donjoy knee braces do?

Donjoy knee braces protect knee ligaments from injury. This is an ideal product for athletes that do not want to injure or re-injure their knee ligaments.

Does randy orton have a broken knee?


List of some famous athletes injuries?

Kobe Bryant - torn Achilles tendon Serena Williams - knee injury Michael Jordan - broken foot Neymar Jr. - fractured vertebra Peyton Manning - neck injury Lindsey Vonn - ACL tear Derek Jeter - fractured ankle Kevin Durant - Achilles tendon tear

Has Mark Harmon sustained an injury to one of his legs?

Mark Harmon sustained a knee injury during his football career for the UCLA Bruins and now has abducted knee [the foot has moved away from the central line of the body, making him knock-kneed].

What type of doctors take pictures of a broken leg?

Because there is an arrow lodged in the knee! <--knee---{

Can knee brace substitute use of plastering if there is injury to knee cap?

A knee brace can be used as substitute for plastering for injuries to the knee cap. If the knee cap is not broken, a knee brace can allow for more flexibility.

How might this anatomical arrangement contribute to knee injuries in female athletes?

they can be more prone to knee related injuries, such as ACL tears due to high intensity straight knee landing or impact since the knee is already in a weak position

What do you do when you trip and hurt your knee really bad?

If you have broken skin, it is recommended to clean the wound and bandage it. If you believe that you have broken your knee, then it is recommended to seek medical attention through a doctor.

What is chondromalaia patella means in the internet?

Chondromalacia Patella is a knee condition. The resulting damage to the cartilage of the knee results in anterior knee pain. It is most common amongst athletes. Treatment can include physiotherapy or surgery.

Does broken cartilages in knee result in the loss of leg?

No, not usually.