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Football is being played in 200 countries but if we look into the history England was the first nation who started Soccer and currently Spain is the best and No.1 country best at soccer than other Football teams of different countries.

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Q: Which European nation is best in soccer game?
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The best PS2 football/soccer is FIFA 10

What is the national game of israel?

soccer (European football), and basketball is a close second.

Is soccer better then touch?

Yes soccer is the best game and most popular.

How many names are there for soccer?

Soccer and Football are most common. Soccer is American, while Football is European. There are a few nicknames as well, including Footy/Footie, "the beautiful game", and "the world game".

What is the game Footy?

English/European/world football, in North America it is known as soccer.

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Why is Spain the best team in soccer?

Because of the absolute brilliance of their game.

What is the highest goals scored in a soccer game?

Zein have do the best goal

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How do you become manager of an international team on football manager handheld 2009?

you have to apply for the job of a national team. then if you win a world cup or European championship (if you are European nation). then you can choose a nation at the start of a game

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My opinion is thatb fifa 10 is the best but they are going to bring out fifa11 so i think that will be the best football game

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How do you know if a sentence is an opinion?

here is a example: Soccer is the best game in the world. get it?

Which game is Pele regerded as possibly the best player ever?


Who is the best actual soccer player in the world?

The title for best soccer player in the world currently belongs to Lionel Messi from Argentina. Messi is only 23 and is already being talked about as one of the best soccer players to EVER play the game.

Is soccer the best game in the world?

yes it unites the world the FIFA is like the UN

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If you want to let your best friend be happy ? Hang out with her/him.

How many periods are there in a soccer game?

2 periods are in a soccer game

Famous soccer players from Costa Rica?

In the modern game, Bryan Ruiz and Bryan Oviedo play for premier European teams.

How much does snow effect goals in a European soccer game?

Players slip a bit more but if they score they get to make snow angels.

Why is javier hernandez the best soccer player?

He isn't the best soccer player, but he's an amazing player when subbed on in a late time in a game, he's a super-sub and one of the best at coming on as a substitute.