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Q: Which driver had the most wins while driving for Sam Ard in the Nationwide Series?
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How much money does Nascar driver Regan Smith make?

In 2012, while racing full-time in the Nascar Cup Series, Regan Smith earned $4,153,890. He is now a full-time Nascar Nationwide Series driver.

What was Jeff Gordon's car numbers in the Busch Series?

While driving in the Busch Series, Jeff Gordon drove car #'s 1, 4, 24 and 67.It is now known as the Nationwide Series.

Of which automotive system does the driver have the most direct control while driving?

Of which automotive system does the driver have the most direct control while driving?

What is an impaired driver?

Impaired driving is driving while drunk, drugged, or distracted.

Do you need a licenced driver near to you while you're driving with a learners permit?

Yes, a licensed driver who is over 18 needs to be in the car with you while you are driving.

Does the Nationwide and Craftsman Truck Series run different championship scenarios than the Sprint Cup Series?

Yes. The Sprint Cup does a 10 race Chase. While the Truck Series and Nationwide Series do a season long accumulation style championship.

Coasting your vehicle while driving will do what?

reduces the driver's control

Where should a driver target while driving?

intended path

What is the difference between driver's license and driving license?

a driving license is the license to drive while a driver's license is a person who has the license to drive

How many wins did Mark Martin have with Roush Racing?

Mark Martin won 35 Nascar Cup Series races when he drove for Roush Racing.Also, while driving for Jack Roush, Martin won 40 Nascar Nationwide Series races and 7 Truck Series races.

How does f1 driver sees while driving?

They have visors in their helmet which can help them to see out of

Are CDL truck driver's restricted from taking Chantix while driving a truck?


What is a Greyhound Bus Lines driver's pay?

$18.00 hourly while driving and $9.00 an hour on duty not driving.

Should a driver use a cell phone while driving?

They tell us that you are more likely to be in a collision while driving with a cell phone conversation going on, than driving while intoxicated. Pull over.

How are your lives affected by driving while texting?

Driving while texting greatly reduces the driver's reaction time and will therefore put more lives at risk.

Can a d o t driver use vicodin while driving?

Only if he has a prescription for them.

What happens when a nascar driver has to go to the bathroom?

sometimes they just go while they are driving

Which automotive system does the driver have the most direct control while driving?

the braking system

What can your driver license be suspended for?

Driving Under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated, nonpayment of traffic fines by the payment deadline, reckless driving/endangerment.

What causes a misfire while starting BMW 3 series?

Driving to fast

What is driver's license's restriction 01 in Tennessee?

You must be wearing glasses or contacts while driving.

Is any licensed driver insured while driving your vehicle?

If you gave permission then it should be covered.

If you get a speeding ticket while driving somebody elses car will?

YOU the driver will be responsible to pay the ticket.

How can a persons driver license be automatically suspended in Texas?

causing a serious accident while driving

What is a drowsy driver?

One that is so tired that he/she may fall asleep at the wheel while driving.