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The Dodgers, Cubs, and Cardinals are all Baseball teams in the MLB. The Cowboys are a football team in the NFL. So, the Cowboys do not belong in this list.

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Q: Which does not belong dogers cubs cowboys and cardinals?
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Why is there a rivalry between the cardinals and cubs in baseball?

The cardinals and cubs hometowns are pretty close to each other

Who leads the overall series between cubs and cardinals?

The Cubs :(

2009 win loses for cubs cardinals?

In head-to-head competition in 2009, the Cubs won 6 games, and the Cardinals won 10.

What is the all time series record between the cardinals and cubs?

Through 2010, the Cubs lead the all-time series with the Cardinals 1,091-1,044.

Are the cardinals better than the cubs?

Yes, The Cardinals have been to the Wrld Seris 17 times (Wining 10). They have given many games up such as the Cardinals/ Redsox game in 2006. The Cubs have only been to the world seris 10 times wining two. The cubs have not won the world seris since 1908. The Cardinals won there last World Seris in 2006. On the list, Cardinals is in 3rd place as Cubs are in 7. Durining a Cardinal/ Cubs game, There has been times one team has beaten the other more in many games. The Cardinals are good at being in the top 3 spots threwout the year where as the cubs are mostly in 4th place or higher.

What is the 2009 record for the cubs - cardinals series?

The Chicago Cubs recorded 6 wins and 10 losses versus the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2009 season.

What was the Chicago Cubs record against the St. Louis Cardinals in 2012?

In 2012, the Chicago Cubs had a 7-10 recordagainst the St. Louis Cardinals.

What was the Cubs and Cardinals series record in 2005?

The Cubs won the series 10-6

What is the series record between the cubs and cardinals from 2001 to 2010?

The Cubs record is 87 wins and 81 losses during the years 2001 - 2010 in head to head with the Cardinals.

Who leads the the all-time series between the Chicago Cubs and the Saint Louis Cardinals?

The cubs

Who is better The cubs or Cardinals?

The answer is da.... CUBBIES :)

Is cardinals better than the cubs?

Of course.

Who was Rick Reuschel?

A pitcher for the L.A. Dogers He was a pitcher for the Cubs, Yankees, Pirates, and Giants between 1972-1991. Click on the 'Rick Reuschel' link on this page to learn more about him.

What team did Woodrow Wilson like?

the cardinals or cubs

How many times have the cubs beat the cardinals in 2010?

The Cubs won the season series nine games to six.

Who have on the most world series's cubs or cardinals?

Is this question serious?

What are your two baseball teams?

i like the st.louis cardinals and the cubs

In what year did Mark McGwire start playing for the Cubs?

Ummm....what? Mark McGwire never played for the Cubs. He started playing for the Cardinals in 97. mark mcgwire started with the Oakland a"s then he went to the cardinals

What sport does top of the fifth belong to?

The term "top of the fifth" belongs to the sport of Baseball. A professional regulation game of baseball has nine innings. Each inning has a top and bottom. In each half of the inning, two different teams have a chance to score by batting. So if the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals were playing, and the Cardinals were "at bat" in the "top of the fifth," St. Louis would be the team batting at that time. When 3 strikes have occurred, the inning proceeds to the "bottom of the fifth" and the Cubs would be at bat.

What is the 2007 record for the Cubs-Cardinals series?

as of 9/7/07 st Louis has won 4 cubs have won 7

Who is better cardnials or cubs?

cardinals they have 10 world series while cubs have 2 they got those about 100 years ago

When did the St. Louis Cardinals start?

The St. Louis Cardinals, according to available records, were original members of the National League that began operation in 1876 with teams in Chicago (Cubs), Hartford, Boston, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. The Cubs won the pennant as NL champions with the Cardinals finishing second.

What is the win loss record for the cardinals vs cubs?

3 - 8

How many times have the Chicago Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals in 2007?

In 16 games this season, the Cubs won 11 meetings

What are 5 famous team names?

Cardinals, Cubs, Steelers, Lakers and Rams