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To the left.

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Q: Which direction does the back row rotate in volleyball?
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In volleyball what direction does the back row rotate?

in volleyball the back row rotates right to left, or clockwise, while the front row rotates right to left, or counterclockwise. if ur right front, u move to right back, and if ur left back, u move to left front.

In what direstion do volleyball players rotate?

from a person on the front row's right. In a clock wise direction

Why do you have to rotate when playing a game of volleyball?

so you can play from different bases. the back row players can play front row and hit.

How do you determine who serves in volleyball?

well you rotate positions.. but its always the person in the back row to the far right right

What are the players in the back row of volleyball?


Is the person in the volleyball server position considered a back or front row player?

a server is a back row player

Who is the person that is allowed to play on the back row in volleyball?

the libero

Which position has the role to pass the ball to the center in volleyball?

back row does

What is the correct way to rotate in a volleyball game?

Chart: serving BACK ROW 1 2 3 6 5 4 rotation 6 1 2 5 4 3

In volleyball the players situated in the back zone when the serve is made is called which positions?

back row

What does a lobero do in volleyball?

a libero ( aka back row specialist) is a back row person that wears a different uniform then his/her teammates. he/she only plays back row. he/she usually does in for people that are bad at passing.

What is labero in volleyball?

a libero is an ds, defence specialist or back row specialist. they only play in the back row, they cant play in the front row. they are the best passer on the team.

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