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Q: Which date did Manu play Chelsea in the champions league final?
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Who won the second leg of uefa champions league between Chelsea and manu?

2-1 to the champions!!! Manchester city will always win against chelsea! :)

Was manu in the champions league 2007?

Yes it was in the champion league in 2007.

Who is manu?

Short for Manchester United a club playing in the Barclys premier league and also in the Champions league.

Who won the Manchester vs. barcalona final champions league 2011?

first of all barca and manU faced each other in uefa champions league final in 2009, ROME and barcalona won it AND 2010-11 WAS FOUGHT BETWEEN inter milan and bayern munich which was won by Inter milan

When manu win a last world cup?

2008, the premeriship and champions league

Which football team won the premier league?

manu in 2008 2009 and Chelsea in 2006

Who is better manu or Chelsea?

Chelsea are Better than Manu By Far!

Who is better Manchester united or Chelsea?

Personal opinion really. But on last seasons performance probably Manchester United. They won the 2008 World Club Cup, Carling Cup and Premiership, as well as getting to the Champions League final. Chelsea won the FA Cup, but we shall see this season. Manu are better!

How much did manu get for winning champions league?

In total, after the tv money and winning the cup it is estimated around £60 million.

Who is going to win the 2008 champions league?

Manchester United All the Way. I am calling it 3-1 Manu. Rooney and Ronaldo will have the 3 goals.

Are Chelsea better than manu?


Who has won the premiership FA cup European cup champions league and world cup?

the European cup and the champions league are the same thing and its manu [the worst team ever and the only reason they win anything is because roony and SAF suck the refs cock]