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Q: Which current player who has played for both arsenal and Chelsea still plays for another premiership?
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A current premiership footballer who has played for Chelsea arsenal and Barcelona?

Don't believe there is one. Chelsea and arsenal Ashley cole, anelka, gallas Chelsea and barca belletti, deco

Which premiership player has played for the greatest number of the current 2011 12 premiership clubs?

Nicolas Anelka- Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea

Can arsenal win with chelsea?

As per the current form,it seems inevitable for arsenal to beat Chelsea.

Which current players have won the fa cup premier league champions league and uefa cup?

Carvalho, Ferreria FA Cup: Chelsea Premier League: Chelsea Champions League: Porto Uefa Cup: Porto Kanu Premiership: Arsenal FA Cup - Arsenal UEFA - Inter Champions League - Ajax

Foreign managers in UK premiership teams?

These are the current foreign managers in the premiership. This means they are from outside the UK. Arsene Wenger (French) of Arsenal Martin Jol (Dutch) of Tottenham Rafa Benitez (Spanish) of Liverpool Sven Goran Erikkson (Swedish) of Manchester City Jose Mourinho (Portugese) of Chelsea

How many teams have led the current English Premier League?

They are chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United.

What are the current premiership teams?

2011-2012 Arsenal,Aston Villa,Blackburn,Bolton,Chelsea,Everton,Fulham,Liverpool,Man City, Man Utd ,Newcastle,Norwich,QPR,Stoke,Sunderland,Swansea,Tottenham, West Brom,Wigan,Wolves

Who has won most FA Cup winners medals?

Ex-Arsenal and current Chelsea player Ashley Cole has won the most FA Cup medals with six - with Arsenal (2002, 2003, 2005) and Chelsea (2007, 2009, 2010).

Who are the current premiership champions?

The current premiership champions are Manchester United.

What teams have been in the English premier league since it's beginning in the current form 'The Premiership'?

* Arsenal * Aston Villa * Chelsea * Everton * Liverpool * Manchester United * Tottenham Hotspur Are the only clubs that started in the Premier League in the 1992 - 93 season, and have never been relegated from the top division.

Who is the current arsenal captain?

The current arsenal captain is Cesc Fabregas

Which football team won the most premiere league titles?

Arsenal, Blackburn, Rovers, Chelsea, and Manchester United have all won one. The current champions are Chelsea who won the 2009-2010 season.

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