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Roberto Luongo my ass its got to be Evgeni Nabokov for the San Jose sharks. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Q: Which current NHL goalie is the first to ever in NHL history to have two goal masks and two sets of pads?
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Which current NHL goalie is the first to ever in NHL history to have 2 goal masks and 2 sets of pads one for his regular jerseys and the other for the team's third?

Roberto Luongo

Where can goalie masks be purchased from?

Goalie masks can be purchased from the following places: Hockey Giant, Goalie Monkey, Eye Candy Air, Warwick Mask, Pure Goalie, Amazon, eBay, Discount Goalie, The Hockey Shop, Sport Mask, to name a few.

When did goalie masks come into fashion?


When was the last goaltender to wear a mask?

All goalies wear masks (unless there's a distinction here between masks and helmets). In any case, the first goalie to wear a mask was Jacques Plante.

What business is Goalie Monkey in?

Goalie Monkey is in the sports equipment business. They sell Hockey goalie equipment such as face masks, padding and clothing. One can purchase online for home delivery.

Who invented the goalie mask?

Probably the actual inventor of the mask will remain unknown. Masks were worn by some goalies after injuries even way back in the early days of hockey. However, goalie Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens is credited with making the mask a permanent part of the goalie's equipment back in the fifties. I would suggest you Google Plante or goalie masks to obtain more information.

What are the release dates for How It's Made - 2001 Glass Bottles Hacksaws Goalie Masks 8-2?

How It's Made - 2001 Glass Bottles Hacksaws Goalie Masks 8-2 was released on: Canada: 2006 USA: 9 January 2007

When was the Goalie Mask Invented?

The first goalie mask worn full time was in 1959 by Jacque Plante in the NHL. It was a homemade fiberglass mask similar to the one worn by the character Jason Vorhees in the movie series Friday the 13th. Other masks had been used for a short time on and off before then but were usually masks from other sports, such as the fencing mask Elizabeth Graham used in 1927. In the 1970s the goalie mask changed into a cage/helmet combination which is still used by some lower level goalies (high school, college, recreational, etc) and has evolved into the fiberglass or Kevlar masks with a built in cage used by most goalies today in the NHL.

Who designed the 2008 hockey goalie mask?

Technically every NHL goalie designs his own to best fit his need for comfort, visibility, and style. That's why you see some goalies like Dominik Hasek who have very unique goalie masks. The outside design of the goalie mask is purely aesthetic and is often times picked specifically depending upon the match being played. Important dates in team history may effect the outside design of the mask/helmet but some goalies just like their helmet to be flashy and have an artistic design on the outside.

When did NHL goalies besides Jacques Plante start to wear masks?

1929-1930 by Montreal Maroons goalie Clint Benedict

When were gas masks first worn in world war 2?

?? they were worn in WWI ?? Source(s): My general history knowledge, degree in history

In hockey when was the first new goalie mask made?

i don't know who made it, but i know who first wore a goalie mask. well back then, they didn't like to wear masks< but they got injured tons of times. Jaques Plante, a goalie for the Montreal canadaians got hit in the face and was injured. however he needed to continue the game because his back up wasn't there. Jaque practiced with a small wood mask for months but never used it in a game. He had no choice. He wore it, continued to wear it, and it got around the nhl.

How have masks been used in history for theater and why?

I remember masks were used pretty heavily in Greek theater , and several productions call for masks such as The Phantom of the Opera.

What is the history of the tiki masks?

stupid this is not a question

What are Chinese opera masks?

The links below offer some information on the history and evolution of Chinese Opera Masks.

Where can one purchase some scary masks for Halloween?

Costume Supercenter has a huge database of available Halloween masks. There are countless categories, and current deals allow an extra 15% off the current markdowns.

The first goalie to wear the goalie mask?

Jaques Plante was the first to wear a mask. Plante gets lots of credit for wearing the mask and is probably the main reason that goalies in hockey started using the facial protection on a regular basis. However, other goalies long before Plante wore masks for short periods of time due to facial injuries. For example, Clint Benedict wore a mask way back in 1930 after suffering facial cuts in a game.

In what ways have masks been used throughout history?

Masks have been used as cultural objects for ages and have association with the spirit the mask is designed after.

How long did it take to invent the goalie mask?

The perfection of the goalie mask has been , and is, an ongoing process. In 1930, Ottawa goalie Clint Benedict wore a crude mask to protect a facial injury for five games. Other goalies wore masks for brief periods. However, on Nov.1, 1959, Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens was injured and returned to the ice wearing a mask which he continued to wear in subsequent games. Over the years, all goalies at all levels started to wear facial protection and the masks evolved into the styles you see today and will no doubt continue to change and be improved.

When were masks first used in performance?

It is impossible to tell when masks were first used in performance, definetely B.C..Try Yahoo answers

What were Indian masks based on?

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Four purposes of masks in greek theatre?

The purpose of masks in Greek theatre was so that the audience could see the characters' faces from far away. The masks represented characters from history and mythology, who would be familiar to the audience.

What is the history of masks?

it has covered the faces of humans for a long long long time People used masks for reenacting events or just for fun.

When were masks first worn?

In 1875 in a festival in which the people where wearing masks for no one to see (recognized) who it was

When did NHL goalies start getting designs on their helmets?

They are used as somewhat of a distraction, because when you look at the goalie, the first thing you look to is where you want to the puck to go, but if you concentrate on the mask, then the puck wont go where you want it to. i believe the first 2 goalies to have their masks painted were doug favel who had the "starburst" on his mask and gerry cheevers he had the stiches in his mask in the 70's