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Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium.

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Q: Which cricket stadium in the UAE has the highest number of ODIs played?
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Which cricket stadium has the highest number of ODI's played?

Shajah cricket stadium in UAE

In which international stadium is the highest one-day international cricket game played?

Which international cricket stadium holds the record for the most number of One-day internationals. *

In which international stadium is the highest international cricket games played?

The Lord's

Which cricket team has played highest number of one day internationals.?


Where is cricket played in England?

18 English counties play 1st Class Cricket: In no particular order they are : Kent Sussex Middlesex Hampshire Surrey Essex Somerset Glamorgan Gloucestershire Warwichshire Worcestershire Leicestershire Northamptonshire Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Yorkshire Lancashire & Durham. Many others play in the minor counties.

Which cricket team has played the highest number of one day international?

obviously india

Where is the first indoor cricket stadium in India?

Headingley in the worldBobay (Mumbai) is where India played its first one day international cricket match.

How many finals have been played in Lord's Cricket stadium?


In which stadium did India played first one day international match?

The Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium is a cricket stadium in Hyderabad, India.[2] The stadium was originally known as Fateh Maidan

Which stadium will host the 2011 cricket world cup final match?

According to Cricinfo, the final will be played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India.