Which cricket ground is largest in world?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne , Australia.

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Q: Which cricket ground is largest in world?
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What is the Largest cricket ground in the world?

Its MCG cricket Ground in Australia.

What is the world's largest cricket stadium?

Melbourne Cricket Ground (M.C.G), Melbourne, Australia, is the largest cricket stadium in the world with a capacity of holding 100018 people at a time.

Which is worlds largest cricket ground?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Sydney Cricket Ground are considered to be the 2 largest/biggest cricket grounds in the world. Both of them are situated in Australia and have a great history.

Is Lord's cricket play ground largest?


How many of test cricket Ground in the world?

105 cricket grounds in the world

What is the biggest cricket ground in the world?

For a long time The Kennington Oval held the record for the largest playing area of any Test venue in the world, but that record has since been surpassed by the Gaddafi Stadium in Pakistan, which since 1996 has a capacity crowd of 40,228.

Which cricket ground has the largest seating capacity?

The Gabba Brisbane (Austrailia)

Which is the largest cricket stadium in Asia?

Mahinda rajapakse stadium,hambantota,sri is the world biggest ground

Which was the first cricket club in the world?


What is Maryleborne Cricket Club when was it founded?

Maryleborne Cricket Club was founded in 1787. The worlds largest cricket brand, the club is based in Lord's Cricket Ground in St. John's Wood in London.

What is that the name of smallest cricket ground in thE world?

lancaster park

Which country won the cricket world cupin1999?

Australia won the cricket world cup in 1999. Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets at Lord's Cricket Ground in London.