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Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne , Australia.

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Q: Which cricket ground is largest in world?
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What is the Largest cricket ground in the world?

Its MCG cricket Ground in Australia.

What is the largest cricket pavilion in the world?

Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia.

Biggest cricket ground in the world?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Sydney Cricket Ground are considered to be the 2 largest/biggest cricket grounds in the world. Both of them are situated in Australia and have a great history.

What is the world's largest cricket stadium?

Melbourne Cricket Ground (M.C.G), Melbourne, Australia, is the largest cricket stadium in the world with a capacity of holding 100018 people at a time.

Largest boundary cricket ground?

Melbourne Cricket Ground(Australia)

Which is worlds largest cricket ground?

Melbourne Cricket Ground (M.C.G), Melbourne, Australia

Which is the biggest cricket ground in the world?

The world's biggest cricket ground by capacity is the Melbourne Cricket Ground with a capacity of 100,018.

Which is the largest cricket ground in the India?

Eden Garden Cricket ground is the largest cricket ground in India and it has been located in the city of Kolkata in the state of West Bengal.

What is the biggest cricket ground in the world?

The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) with a capacity of over 100,000. It is the 8th largest stadium of any type. However, a larger ground is planned to be built in India in preparation for the 2011 World cup.

What is the smallest cricket ground in the world?

its the indian cricket ground which is mohlia

Is Lord's cricket play ground largest?


Where is the world's highest cricket ground?

the world's highest cricket ground is in himachal pradesh in INDIA

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