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The 2010 world cup will be held in South Africa.

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Q: Which country will hold the 2010 football world cup?
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First European country to hold football world cup?

Italy 1934

Which country will hold the next football world tournament 2012?

It will be held in 2014 9n Brazil and not in 2012.

Which African country was the first to hold the FIFA?

The first FIFA World Cup in Africa was held in South Africa in 2010.

What is the only country to hold two means world cup?

Mexico is the only country to hold two world cups.

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Brazil will hold the 2014 world cup, they last held it in 1950 after the world war 2.

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Which country hold the recent world cup?

Germany is the winner of the most recent World Cup.

Were will vthe world cup final be hold in 2010?

It will be held at soccer stadium Johannesburgh.

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What is the only country to hold two men's world cups?

Mexico hosted two world cups.