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Bangkok, Thailand.

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Q: Which country was four times hosted for Asian games?
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How many times has India hosted the Asian games?

about 4 times

How many times has India hosted Asian games?

3 times

City which hosted the Asian games most number of times?

Bangkok, Thailand has hosted the Asian Games 4 times - 1966, 1970, 1978, and 1998. Only one other city has hosted them more than once, that being New Delhi who hosted in 1951 and 1982.

Which country hosted the winter olympic games three times in a row?

No country has ever hosted the Winter Olympics three times in a row.

What country has hosted the most winter olympic games and how many have they hosted?

The US has host the Winter games more times than any country. They hosted the winter games 4 times.united states

Which country has hosted the Olympic Games the maximum number of times?


What country hosted the Olympics 3 times?

England is the only country that has hosted the Olympics 3 times

How many times has Canada hosted the commewealth games?

Canada has hosted the Commonwealth games three times.

How many times have Asian cities hosted the summer Olympics?

Through the 2008 Games, 3 times: 1964 - Tokyo 1988 - Seoul 2008 - Beijing

How many times has Beijing hosted the Olympic Games?

They have hosted the Games once, in 2008.

Which country is the first to host the Olympic games 3 times?

The first country to have hosted the Summer Olympic Games 3 times is the USA - games in St Louis (1904), Los Angeles (1932) and Los Angeles (1984). They have also hosted it in Atlanta (1996). Meanwhile, the only city to host the Games 3 times is London.

How many times has the US hosted the summer Olympic games?

The United States has hosted the Summer Olympic games for four times.

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