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Q: Which country started soccer game
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What country was soccer started in?


How do you start soccer game?

A soccer match is started with a kick-off.

How is a soccer game started?

A kick off on the middle of the soccer field.

What country started soccer?

It was originated in 1840s Britain.

What is the country that started soccer?

Soccer was first played in England in the mid 1800's

What country started soccer officially?

England is where Football began.

Did Mexico start soccer?

The answer to as which country started soccer remains a argumentative topic. There were many sports engaged in the past which show close similarity with the current soccer we play. According to my knowledge, China stands a highest chance of being the country where soccer started. They had a game which involved roughly the same way of play like soccer, except that they did not have a restriction to where the play field is, and that they did not have such rules and yellow and red card.

Soccer originated from which country?

The actual game of soccer originated in 1 or 2 B.C. in China. It was never taken to be a pro sport until, in England, people started forming clubs -I hope this helped

What is the country that started soccer and the year?

The Laws of the Game for Soccer (Association football) were written by a man called Ebenezer Morley for and behalf of the fledgling Football Association in England 1863. The game was based on Cambridge rules football playedat Public Schools.

When soccer started was it popular?

soccer is very popular in every other country apart from america. so yes, yes it was

Who started the soccer?

Japanese invented and started soccer.

Where soccer came from?

soccer game came from English country ( Eglain) and are also bean in other country like (france, africa, spain,...)

What is older track and field or soccer?

the idea for soccer started in 1004bc but a real game wasn't actually played till 611bc. track and field started in 776bc

Football is a national game of which country?

Soccer is the nat ional game of both Italy and Brazil.

Which European nation is best in soccer game?

Football is being played in 200 countries but if we look into the history England was the first nation who started Soccer and currently Spain is the best and No.1 country best at soccer than other Football teams of different countries.

Are you deemed to have started in a soccer game if you come on as a substitute?

No. Hence the term 'starting 11'

Where and when was soccer started?

Professional Soccer started in the late 1800's in England.

How did japan started playing soccer?

soccer was

What country started the soccer?

Some say Italy cuz they used to do a sport called Calcio that was like soccer but other say England ?.... .. .. .. 4gottensoul....

In which country was rugby created?

Rugby started in 1823, when William Webb Ellis picked up the ball during a soccer game at Rugby School and ran towards the opponents goal.

If englands most played sport is football does that mean soccer or football?

Soccer is the game where you kick the ball, not throwing with the QB. The only COuntry that calls soccer (the one without the QB) is America. In everyother country in the World, they call soccer football.

Why is soccer big in Paraguay?

Paraguay is a south American country and there football is their national game.

How many soccer players are in the country of Brazil?

This is hard to answer as football is the national game of Brazil.

Which came first the rugby ball or soccer ball?

The soccer ball. Rugby originated when, in a game of soccer William Webb-Ellis picked up the football and started to run with it, players chased him and the crowd loved it and so it started. Thank you William.

What country did bowling come from?

The game was started in Germany by monks.