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Q: Which country national cricket league was won by Tennis XI?
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When was Women's National Cricket League created?

Women's National Cricket League was created in 1996.

When was Scottish National Cricket League created?

Scottish National Cricket League was created in 1999.

What sport is played in this country?

We play cricket, NRL (National Rugby League) and AFL (Australian Football league) mainly

What is the world tennis league called?

The tournament today is known as Association of Tennis Professionals. The National Tennis League was a tour for professional male tennis players.

Which country has a professional-cricket league in it?

India Australia and England

Which Australian sport is the most populist?

Soccer, swimming, cricket, tennis, rugby league and rugby union.

What kind of sports are there in the world?

there are cricket and basketball and tennis,soccer,and baseball, and afl if your Australian ,rugby league and footballv and hockey

What are some international sports?

Soccer, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Ice Skating, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Boxing, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, 1. Foot ball 2. Tennis 3. cricket some of sports are there i will give u later

What is the most common sport in India?

Cricket. India absolutely loves cricket. They have a successful national team and the IPL (Indian Premier League), an extremely highly funded Twenty20 League with teams competing from all over the country. Kids and adults are seen playing cricket in the streets and fields of India and cricket has the highest ticket selling rate in India compared to all their other sports.

When was Indian Cricket League created?

Indian Cricket League was created in 2007.

When was NYPD Cricket League created?

NYPD Cricket League was created in 2008.

When was Major League Cricket created?

Major League Cricket was created in 2000.

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