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There was no world cup in 1980.

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Q: Which country lost both football cup finals in the1980s?
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Which country lost in both Football World Cup finals in the 1980's?

West Germany

Which country lost in both football world cup finals of the 1980s?

re was no world cup that year.

Which country lost both football world cup finals in 1980 s?

There was no world cup in 1980 it was held in 1982.

Which country qualified in two succesive football world cup finals but failed to win both the times?

Holland have played three finals but have have not won a single world cup as yet.

Which country lost in both football world cup finals in the 1980?

It was West geremany that lost the two world cups to Italy and argentina.

Which country contested both 1974 and 1978 world cup finals?

The Netherlands played both finals; in 1974 and 1978 and lost both times.

Who were the Losers of both football cup finals in 1980's?

world cup was held in 1982.

Which player has scored a hatrick in every division both domestic cup finals and at international level in football?

Robert Earnshaw has scored in every division in England, in both cups (but not finals) and at international level.

What is the only country to have won both men's and women's world cup finals?


Which country lost in both world cup finals of the 1980s?

It was not possible as there was no world cup in 1980 it was held in 1982.

What is the similarities between Cross country and Track?

-They are both running events -They both are or can be long distance -Get ribbons - If you get a good place, you can go to finals/areas

What time is the all Ireland final on?

Both the All-Ireland Senior Hurling and Senior Football Finals normally start at 3:30pm in Ireland.

What is a difference between German and Australian sport?

In both country's they have football, but in Australia, they have Australian rules football, and in Germany, they have Association football. That is an example.

What country lost in both football World Cup Finals in the 1980s?

Germany lost consecutive final matches to Italy in 1982 and Argentina in 1986. They claimed the trophy in 1990 giving some pay-back to Argentina, and then lost to Brazil in 2002.

Where is the NHL final held?

The NHL Stanley cup finals are held at both of the teams cities that are in the finals.

What comes first finals or chamiopnships?

they are both the same, people just rather say finals than champianship

Who played in the most fa cup finals and not won?

Newcastle and Everton have both lost 7 finals.

Football is a national game of which country?

Soccer is the nat ional game of both Italy and Brazil.

Who has scored in two FA cup finals?

Ian Rush scored twice in both 1986 and 1989 F.A. Cup Finals

Which holland football captain lost two world cup finals?

JohanCryuff captained Holland to twoworld cup finals, being on the losing side both times. The first was against West Germany in 1974 (where Holland were the favourites), and the second was at the next world cup in 1978 against Argentina

Who has scored in both world cup final and champion finals?


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you play football in both of them, and they both play for the state. Also both teams have names.

This African country is famous for football stars like Samuel Eto'o and Roger Miller?

They both play for Cameroon.

How is Gaelic Football similar to American Football?

Gaelic Football and American Football are radically different, and have very few similarities. They are both team games, played with a ball, but even the ball differs in that Gaelic Football uses a round ball, not an oval ball. Both are extremely popular football codes in their country of origin but are minority sports in the majority of the world. There is virtually no similarity between Gaelic Football and American Football.

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