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Q: Which country is the origin for the game kabaddi?
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Kabaddi is the national game of which country?


Which country introduced first in kabaddi?

shish kabaddi

Information on kabaddi a Punjabi game?

information on kabaddi apunjabi game in punjabi

What is a measurement of a kabaddi ground?

the kabaddi is waste game dont think about it

What is the national game of Bangladesh?


Who invented kabaddi game?

There is no known inventor for Kabaddi, though the following information may interest you- The origin of Kabaddi can be traced to pre-historic times when man learned how to defend in groups against animals or attack weaker animals individually or in groups for survival and food. Though Kabaddi is primarily an South Asian game, not much is known about its origins. There is, however, concrete evidence that the game is 4,000 years old. Another theory states that the sport is actually inspired by the way Abhimanyu tried to break the Kaurava formation (Chakravyuha) but failed. Kabaddi also is about attacking the opponent formation and returning safely. There is a popular belief that Kabaddi originated in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu. A folk history of the game tells that it developed from a game of tag between two young boys - the rule of holding One's breath being added later. The game is known by many names, all of Tamil origin: Kabaddi, Sadugudu, Gudugudu, Palinjadugudu and Sadugoodatthi. The word 'Kabaddi' could have originated from the Tamil words 'kai' (hand) and 'pidi' (catch).

What is the state game of maharashtra?

The State Game of Maharshtra is Kabaddi.

What is the state game of andhra pradesh?


In which country did kabaddi start?

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh

What is the state game of Gujarat?


In which game is the word bonus line used?

In the game of Kabaddi, there is a word bonus line. This is the national game of Bangladesh. The name Kabaddi is translated into English as meaning "holding hands".

The term bonus line is used in which game?


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