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Q: Which country is the leading goal scorer in world cup history?
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Who is the leading soccer scorer in the world today?


Who is the leading run scorer in the ICC World Cup till date?

Leading run scorer in the ICC World Cup till date is Sachin Tendulkar.He has scored 2278 runs.He also has most appearance in the world cup.

Who is Africa's leading goal scorer among countries in 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Ahmed Musa scored two goals against Argentina making him the leading scorer from Africa for FIFA World Cup 2014.

Who will get more score in 2011 World Cup?

Sachin Tendulker is the leading scorer in this world cup 2011.

Who is leading goal scorer in football world cup10?

It is david Villa with 5 goals.

Was grant fox the leading point scorer in the 1987 rugby world cup?


Who is Algeria's leading scorer in FIFA World Cup final tournaments?

Salah Assad

Who was the leading run scorer in ICC world cup serious 2011?

Tilakratne Dilshan

Who is the highest run-scorer for the Proteas in world cup history?


In 1999 who became the world's all-time leading scorer in women's soccer?

Mia Hamm

Who is the leading goal scorer in the football world cup?

Ronaldo from Brazil with fifteen.

Who is the top scorer altogether in the World Cup?

In the world cup history it is the Brazilian Ronaldo who has scored 15 goals.