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Q: Which country host 1987 rugby world cup final?
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Which country held the 1987 Rugby World Cup?

The 1987 Rugby World Cup was held in Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand ran out winners of the competition, beating France in the final, while Australia finished in fourth place.

What country was the 1987 world cup rugby final match played in?

New Zealand New Zealand won the final against France at Eden Park in Auckland 29-9

Who was the Captain of 1987 all black rugby world cup final?

david kirk

What is the score in the 1987 rugby world cup final?

New Zealand defeated France by a final score of 29-9.

Which country won the inaugural rugby world cup in 1987?

New Zealand

What country were 1924 world rugby union champions?

The RWC did not start until 1987

Who won rugby world cup 87?

the new zealnd all blacks won the 1987 rugby world cup. they played france in the final and won 29-9

Who won the 1987 rugby world cup in Australia?

There wasn't a final in Australia. The final was in Aukland, New Zealand and the All Blacks won

What was the Rugby world cup 1987 final score NZ v France?

29 - 9 to new zealand

What year did France win the world soccer cup and the rugby world cup?

They won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, but have never won the Rugby World Cup, though they did lose the final in 1987 and 1999.

Which country won the 1ST Rugby Union world cup in the 1970's?

The first Rugby Union World Cup was held in 1987 and won by New Zealand.

Who won the Rugby World Cup in 1987?

The New Zealand All Blacks won the inaugural rugby world cup in 1987, which means they were the first ever country to win the R.W.C. Beating France 29-9