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Q: Which country has won the most medal's in athletics in The Commonwealth Game?
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Which country won the second highest gold medal in commonwealth game in 2010?

India won the second-most gold medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games with 38.

How many Commonwealth Game medals does New Zealand have?

New Zealand has won 609 medals at the Commonwealth Games. They consist of 144 gold, 203 silver and 262 bronze).

Which country hosted 2006 commonwealth game?

Australia hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

In which game did Indian women won all three medals in the Commonwealth Games 2010?

Discus throw

What is the best game Finland played in the Olympics?

In the Summer Olympics, Finland has won their most medals in athletics and wrestling. In the Winter Olympics, Finland has won their most medals in cross country skiing, speed skating, and ski jumping.

Who is the country hosted the 2006 commonwealth game?

Australia (Melbourne) hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Which country hosting commonwealth game in 2014?

Glasgow, Scotland

How do you arrange to participate in the Commonwealth Game?

Live in a country that participates in the Commonwealth Games.Select a sport that is played in the Commonwealth Games.Become very good at that sport.Win the appropriate competitions in your country to be named to your country's team for that sport in the Commonwealth Games.Participate in the GamesORGo to the location of the GamesBuy ticketsParticipate as a member of the crowd watching the games.

Which country is having athletics as their national game?

None really they just are weird

What country has won the most olympic medals in one game?

The United States won a record 37 medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Are Northern Ireland in the olympics if they are then how many Medals have they won?

Northern Ireland is part of the UK. The UK has won many medals. As of 2016, the UK has won 849 summer game medals and 26 winter game medals. Northern Ireland has never competed as its own country.

How officially declares the commonwealth game open?

the person who represents the queen in the country the the games are played

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