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Q: Which country has taken part in all 18 official World Cup tournaments?
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How many Rugby World Cup tournaments have taken place?

The upcoming 2011 Rugby World Cup will be the seventh tournament - the first having taken place in 1987.

Where are major ICC cricket tournaments held?

The International Cricket Council, or ICC, overseas the game of cricket and makes money from the tournaments they set up. The largest of these tournaments is the Cricket World Cup, which is hosted by a different country every four years. England, India and Australia have all been hosts, and some have taken on the role more than once.

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What country was the second world cup taken place?

It was in Italy.

Which team has taken the World CUP MOST?

Brazil has taken it home 5 times making it the country that has taken it home the most.

What country was taken over by Germany that started World War 2?


What was the last country taken over before World War 2 broke out?


If tennis player use vulgar language what the umpire should do?

The umpire will usually tell a player to stop, and depending on the situation, further action may be taken according to the official rules. With professional tournaments, this most often results in a large fine.

Who took in the child evacuees in World War 2?

they were taken in by host families around the country side.

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The movie Taken Two takes place in Islamic country.

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