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Thailand in 1998

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Q: Which country has recognised rooster fight as a national sport?
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In which country oxen fight is the national game?

oxen fight is the national game of SPAIN oxen fight is the national game of SPAIN oxen fight is the national game of SPAIN

Who does peter always have a fight with?

A giant chicken (rooster)

What purpose does it serve to neuter a rooster?

No mating. A neutered rooster (called a capon) grows slightly faster than an unaltered rooster, and caponized roosters don't fight as much.

Will an existing rooster in a coop kill a new rooster?

There will be a fight for dominance. Injuries can cause the rest of the flock to continue the damage the alpha rooster inflicts, be it the new one or the established male. One will be boss.

Can more than 1 rooster crow at once?

Not without starting a fight.

Does a chicken eat what it is?

No, a chicken cannot eat what it is. It is a carnivore, but it is like us, we eat meat and veggies. But, in the rare case, it might attack a chicken, but if it is starving, (Don't make your chicken starve.) it might eat the victim. It might be more possible with a rooster to rooster fight, it is unlikley it would be a hen to hen fight. It can occur from other things, not only from starving, but from a rooster to rooster fight, it can occur from the pecking order, which can kill a chicken, and in the rare case, the victim can be killed, and the predator (The rooster that killed the other chicken) will eat it. So, it is practically a no.

Will a sub dominant rooster ever attack the top rooster when the lower ranking rooster has always been sub dominant?

If the sub-dominate decides to yes, it will attack the dominate rooster for rank. It is not usually a good idea to have more then one rooster in an area where they have the oppertunity to fight each other. They can become more aggressive towards the owners and even towads any hens that are around. This does not mean that they will 100% sure fight. It all depends on idividuals.

What makes a person a national hero?

a hero is someone who will fight till the death for his country or to save a person in trouble

How do you make my 2 month's old rooster fight?

give him more vitimins and food

How did Benjamin Franklin become a national hero?

he is a hero because he saved our country by getting the France to fight for us.

What is the meaning of the song O Canada?

Well Its Our National Anthum ; SELF EXPLANITORY , But If Anything It Represents 'Canada' And Soldiers Fight For Our Country.

Who each the national hero of each country?

The national hero of the United States is George Washington, the first president. The national hero of India is Mahatma Gandhi, a leader in the country's independence movement. The national hero of South Africa is Nelson Mandela, a key figure in the fight against apartheid.