Which country does vidic born

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Nemanja Vidic was born in Titovo, Serbia.

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Q: Which country does vidic born
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When was Janez Vidic born?

Janez Vidic was born on 1923-02-08.

When was Ivan Vidic born?

Ivan Vidic was born in 1966, in Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska.

Which country does nemanja vidic live?

Nemanja Vidic comes from Serbia. See related link.

What country does nemanja vidic play for?


Where was nemanja vidic born?

Titovo, Serbia.

Manchester united namanja vidic will play in what country in the world cup?


Who has more goal in the premier-john terry vs vidic?


When did Janez Vidic die?

Janez Vidic died on 1996-05-20.

What is Dana Vidic's favorite color?

Dana Vidic's favorite color is green

What nicknames does Vladimir Vidic go by?

Vladimir Vidic goes by CeluloidniMrav (CelluloidAnt), and Mrav (Ant).

Who did man united buy vidic from?

Vidic was purchased from Spartak Moscow for a fee of around £7 million.

How tall is Vidic?