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Real Madrid play in Spain where Madrid is the capital.

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Barcelona and Real Madrid are Spanish clubs. Also known as the Spanish giants.

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Q: Which country does Real Madrid play in?
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Do real Madrid play at midnight?

No Real Madrid do not play at night , more in the noon.

Can Real Madrid play in the same division with Real Madrid B?


Where does America vs real Madrid channel play at?

Real Madrid can only play with a club, not with America.

Did Veron play for Real Madrid?

No, Veron never played for Real Madrid.

What team does Cristiano Ronaldo play play for?

He plays for Real Madrid in CF La Liga. He currently is number 7. But his Country Club is Portugal

Who does Cristiano Ronaldo play soccer for?

He plays football, street football and many more.

What country does the football team real Madrid come from?

Real Madrid come from Spain.

How many world cups has real Madrid been in?

Real Madrid are a club not a country.

Does Kaka play for Real Madrid?

Yes. He signed for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009

Does ronaldo play for real mardrid?

Yeah he does play for real Madrid

In which league id real Madrid in fifa 10?

Real Madrid play in the Spanish League.

Did anelka play for real Madrid?

He had 19 appearances for Real Madrid and scored 2 goals.