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Q: What is the name of the European country that belongs to the Real Madrid?
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Which stadium belongs to real Madrid?

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is the home ground of Real Madrid.

How many world cups has real Madrid been in?

Real Madrid are a club not a country.

What country does the football team real Madrid come from?

Real Madrid come from Spain.

Who was the first team to play in a European final?

The first European Cup final was played between Real Madrid and Stade Reims, Real Madrid won 4-3.

Which country does Real Madrid play in?

Real Madrid play in Spain where Madrid is the capital.

Who has won the most European competitions?

Real Madrid C.F

Which teams have successfully retained the European cup?

Liverpool 77 & 78, Real Madrid 1985 & 1986. Also Nottingham Forest 1979 and 1980.

Which country won the first European cup?

If you are going on about football the UEFA European Championships that is The Soviet Union in 1960 But if you mean the European Cup the old name for the Champions League that was Real Madrid in 1955-56

Who has won European Cup winners cup the most?

real madrid

How many clubs have won the three European trophies?

real Madrid

Who is top scorer in European cup history?

It must be Raul of Real Madrid.

Which Spanish club has won the first five European cups?

Real Madrid.