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Petr Cech plays for the Czech Republic, kinda funny because of his name.

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Q: Which country does Chelsea's Petr Cech play for?
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Which country does chelseaas petr cech play for?

Czech Republic

What sport does petr cech play?

He is a professional footballer.

When goalkeeper Petr Cech was 7 years old who did he play for?

He played for his hometown junior team which was Škoda Plzeňin in Plzeň (Pilsen), Czechoslovakia (in what is now the Czech Republic). This club is now known as FC Viktoria Plzeň.

Which internatanol team does Peter Cech play for?

Czech Republic :))

What position does Petr Mrazek play?

Petr Mrazek plays goalie for the Detroit Red Wings.

What NHL team does Petr Mrazek play for?

Petr Mrazek plays for the Detroit Red Wings.

Who is chelseas longest serving player?

The player to play for Chelsea for the longest is John Terry. He played for the club team for six years, and made his debut in 1998.

Who is your child hood super hero.?

It has to be Frank Lampard because he is Chelseas goal king and the blues have owned him since 2005 and most of you know he used to play for England.

Who is Petr Kilma?

Petr Klima is a famous ex-hockey player, known for his excellent play with the Red Wings in the late 80s and early 90s. He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and 3 kids.

Can you name 9 players who have played for and against man utd in champions league?

The nine players to play against Manchester United are as follows. 1) Frank Lampard. 2) Dier Drogba. 3 ) Petr Cech. 4) Lothar Matthaeus. 5 ) Stefen Effenberg. 6) Thierry Hennry. 7) Tony Adams.. 8) Marc Overmars. 9) Oliver Kahn.

Who was Chelseas highest goal scorer?

Chelsea's record goalscorer is Bobby Tambling, who played from 1959 to 1970 with 202 total goals. Of these 202 goals, 164 were scored in league play, 25 in FA Cup play, 10 in League Cup play, and 3 in European Cup play.

Do you have to play for the country you were born in for the FIFA World Cup?

To play for a country you must have at least one grandparent from that country, and once you play for a country once that is the only country you can play for.

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