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Q: Which country did soccer start from?
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What country is soccer played in?

Soccer can be played in any country in the universe.

Where is soccer popular country?

Brazil is where soccer

In what country did soccer originate?

Soccer originated from England.

What country discovered soccer?

England discovered soccer

What sport is played in most countries?

Soccer. Soccer is played in almost every country. It is the easiest game to play because all you need is a ball and you basically can start a game.

When did the sport of soccer start?

about a month after soccer balls were made

Where the soccer start?


When did soccer start?

The answer is 1863

What country has the best soccer team?

I would say the country that has the best soccer team currently is Spain.

Most soccer games won by single country?

Which country has won the most soccer games in history?

What country is the lowest ranking country for soccer?


In what countries is soccer an unpopular sport?

there's no country that soccer is not popular

Which country is the best in the world at soccer?

The best soccer team is Brazil.

Which country's soccer called soccer instead of football?

in north america

How do you start soccer game?

A soccer match is started with a kick-off.

How long ago did soccer start in the US?

soccer started in the 1170s

Did Mexico start soccer?

The answer to as which country started soccer remains a argumentative topic. There were many sports engaged in the past which show close similarity with the current soccer we play. According to my knowledge, China stands a highest chance of being the country where soccer started. They had a game which involved roughly the same way of play like soccer, except that they did not have a restriction to where the play field is, and that they did not have such rules and yellow and red card.

What is the first country to play soccer?

England was the first country to play soccer(football) because the sport was created there.

What country did soccer originate from?


What Country Is Soccer Originally From?


What country was soccer started in?


What country was soccer originated?


What country developed soccer?


What country is responsible for soccer?

The uk

What is Spain's country sport?