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He is English and currently is part of the English national team.

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Q: Which country Liverpool player steven Gerrard was born in?
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Which country does Gerrard com from?

Steven Gerrard comes from Liverpool, England.

What is Liverpool player steven Gerrard playing number?

Steven Gerrard jersey number is 8.

Who is the best player in the epl?

steven Gerrard --- Liverpool

Who is the best football player in Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard.

Who is liverpool's highest paid player?

steven gerrard

Who is the best player that ever played for Liverpool?

steven Gerrard is undoubtably the best player in Liverpool history

Who is Liverpool fc's best player?

The One. The Only. Steven Gerrard.

What clubs have steven Gerrard played for?

He has been a Liverpool player from the start.

Who is Liverpool football clubs most capped English player?

Steven Gerrard! Liverpool Captain.

What is Steven Gerrard's full name?

Steven Gerrard's (a Liverpool midfielder) full name is Steven George Gerrard

How many appearances has steven Gerrard got for Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard has made 483 appearances for Liverpool FC

When was Steven Gerrard the Captain of Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard has been the Captain for Liverpool FC from 2003 up to now.

Who is Liverpool captain?

Steven Gerrard

What clubs is steven Gerrard in?


Who is the most paid player at Liverpool fc per week?

steven gerrard

What player won the champions league the most times with Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard

Can you name the last Liverpool player to Captain England?

Steven Gerrard <3

What is Steven Gerrard famous for?

He's a Liverpool born Football player who is Captain of Liverpool and also plays for England and has captained the country 3 times. :D

Where was Steven Gerrard born in Liverpool?

Yes, he was born in Liverpool

How many team steven Gerrard a Liverpool player has played for?

Steven Gerrard has only ever played for Liverpool even during his youth. He also currently plays for his national team England.

Where was steven gerrard educated?

University of Liverpool

Who is the captin of Liverpool fc?

Steven Gerrard

Who did Steven Gerrard support when he was a kid?


Who is Liverpool's best footballer?

Steven Gerrard.

Is Steven Gerrard captain of Liverpool?