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France, Australia, Greece, Great Britain, and Switzerland have participated in every Summer Olympic Games.

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Q: Which countries have competed in the most summer Olympics?
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Witch competitor took part in most of the Olympics games?

Austrian sailor Hubert Raudaschl competed in 9 consecutive Summer Olympics between 1964 & 1996 Austrian sailor Hubert Raudaschl competed in 9 consecutive Summer Olympics between 1964 & 1996

Who won the most metals at the Beijing summer Olympics?

China had the most gold metals in the Beijing summer Olympics. The United States had the most silver in the summer Olympics. All countries did a great job.

Does Cuba go compete in the Olympics?

Yes, although they have only competed in the Summer Olympics. They are currently the most successful (in medal count) of the countries that have never won a medal in the winter Olympics, and ranked 4th in medals won by a country who hasn't hosted.

What countries are sending the most athletes to the Summer 2012 Olympics?

United States

What athlete has competed in the most Olympics?

Ian Millar has competed in the most Olympic games with 10 appearances.

Is Finland going to be in next years Olympics?

Yes, Finland has competed at every Summer Olympics since 1908 and will send athletes to compete in 2012. Finland has a rich history in the Summer Olympics and has won their most medals in athletics and wrestling.

Most Olympics one person competed in?


What are the three countries that won the most medals in the 2008 summer Olympics?

youre dumb

What is the most amount of countries to ever enter an Olympic games?

That was 204 countries at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

What country has won the most Olympics at a single summer Olympics?

A country doesn't technically "win" the Olympics as the point behind it is to bring the countries together.

What country has competed the most in Olympic?

Switzerland has never missed an Olympics.

Does Switzerland participate in the Olympics?

Yes, Switzerland has competed in each Summer and Winter Olympics in the modern era. The sports of alpine skiing, gymnastics, and bobsleigh are those that Swiss athletes have won the most medals.

Why does the question who has competed in the most olypmic games have the wrong answer which should be Hubert Raudaschl the Austrian sailor with nine?

That answer has been corrected to reflect Herbert Raudaschl who competed in 9 consecutive Summer Olympics between 1964-1996.

What country won the most medals in the summer Olympics 2007?

There was no Summer Olympics in 2007.

What country has the most number of delegates in the 2012 summer Olympics?

USA sent the most and Great Britain had the most as the host if you meant to call the athletes as delegates for the countries competing at the Olympics

When is summer Olympics?

The summer Olympics occur every four years. The most recent summer Olympics occurred in 2008, so the next summer Olympics will be in 2012. The 2012 Summer Olympics are scheduled to begin on July 27.

What countries make up the all time top ten of most medals won at the Summer Olympics?


How many women competed in the 2010 Olympics?

Thousand's of women have competed. I think the most women were probably in the women's skating competition.

What do marshevet means?

Marshevet is a female name with unknown origins. The most famous Marshevet would be Marshevet Hooker, a professional US sprinter who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

What are three countries that won the most medals at the 2012 summer Olympics?

the top 3 were china, u.s.a. great britain

Has Peru competed in the Olympics?

Peruvian athletes have competed in both summer and winter Olympic games over the years with their most successful Olympics being the 1948 London games where Edwin Vásquez won a gold medal for shooting in the men's 50m pistol event. For more information please see the related link.

What countries won the most medals in 1267 Olympics?

what countries won medals at the 1267 olympics

Who has done the Olympics for the longest?

Equestrian Ian Millar of Canada is expected to compete at the 2012 Games in London. If he does, and barring disaster he will, he will compete in his 10th Olympics and set the record for most Olympics competed in. Currently, Ian is tied with sailor Hubert Raudaschl of Austria who also competed in 9 Olympics.

What is the most medals you can win in the Summer Olympics?


The summer Olympics occure ever years?

The summer Olympics are held every four years. The most recent summer Olympics were held this past summer in Beijing, China. The next summer games will be held in 2012 in London, England.