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USA is leading the all time summer Olympics medal tally with 2188 medals(This does not include medals won at 2008 summer Olympics)

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Q: Which countries has the highest numbers of medals ever in all the Olympics?
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Which country will win the highest numbers of gold medals in olympics 2012?

The usa will win another 150 medals

What countries won the most medals in 1267 Olympics?

what countries won medals at the 1267 olympics

Which one of the following countries won the highest number of gold medals in the Beijing Olympics 2008?


Who won the highest gold medals in Olympics?

micheal phelps a swimmer of USA has won the highest no. of gold medals in olympics i.e 22

Who won the most medals in the 2008 Bejjing Olympics?

China won 24 Gold medals, which was the highest amount of gold medals during the 2008 Olympics. The U.S. had the highest total with 110 medals.

How many countries won medals in the 2012 summer Olympics?

Total of 85 countries got medals at the 2012 Olympics ranging from a total of 1 to 104 medals.

How many gold medals did the United states win in the last winter Olympics?

In the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the US won 9 Gold Medals. It also won 7 Silver and 12 Bronze medals, the 4th highest total of all partipating countries that medaled.

How many countries participated on the 2012 Olympics?

In total 204 countries participated in the 2012 London Olympics. It was a hugely successful games for the host nation Great Britain who achieved their highest number of gold medals since 1908.

Did china win more gold medals in 2008 Olympics?

yes, china won the highest no of gold medals (51) in 2008 Olympics

What countries won the most medals in the last Olympics?

The USA with 110 medals.

Which individual has won the highest number of medals in the history of Olympics?

A Russian gymnast with 18 medals

Why do countries want medals from the winter Olympics?

same reason for the summer Olympics

Which country has won the highest number of medals at a modern Olympics before the Beijing Olympics?


How many gold medals have the European countries won at the Olympics?


Which person secured the highest number of medals in the London Olympics 2012?

Michael Phelps who won 4 gold and 2 silver in 2012 London Olympics. The Medals propelled him into the all time highest Medal Winner's I st Place position for his total of 22 Medals including 18 Gold Medals.

Who has won highest medals in Olympics?

Larissa LatyninaSoviet UnionGymnastics1956-1964SummerF9g5s4b18

Who won the highest medals in 2012 Olympics?

USA with 104 they also won the most Gold Medals with 46

How many countries competed in the 2000 Olympics?

the 2000 olympics or the millenium games as they became known as,the medals were competed for by 199 countries

What countries didn't win medals in 2012 Olympics?

A large number of countries did not win any medals. The related link lists the 85 nations that did win Olympic Medals

Who Has the highest Gold Medals for swimming in an Olympics?

Michael Phelps in Beijing 2008 games, He won 8 gold medals.

What country won the second highest amount of medals in 2012 olympics?


Which country got highest gold medals in 2008 Olympics?

China, 51.

How many countries did not win medals at the Olympics 2012?

More than half did not win any medals and only a quarter of the 204 countries won more than 2 medals

Which country won highest gold medal in Olympics 2008?

China won the most gold medals in 2008, olympics.

What is the highest number of medals won by US in winter Olympics?

The United States won a record 37 medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics: 9 gold, 15 silver and 13 bronze.