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As for the Winter Olympics of 2010, the country that holds the record for getting the most medals at a single Winter Olympics is Canada, and the country that has a higher total number of medals won is the United States.

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As of the 2008 Games, in men's competition the former Soviet Union (USSR) has won the most medals with 94. Japan is second with 89 and the United States is third with 60. In women's competition, the former Soviet Union is first with 88, Romania is second with 57 and the United States is third with 25.

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Currently, the United States has won the most gold medals in figure skating with 13. Russia is second with 12 and the former Soviet Union is third with 10.

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In the past, it's been Russia/Soviet Union. Currently, it's either Japan, Canada, or the United States.

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Q: Which countries excel in figure skating for the Olympics?
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