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Thats a tricky question to answer as conferences have changed alot over the years. The Pac-10 hands down. UCLA alone holds 11 titles.....more than any other conference combined. Schools hold the championships, not conferences. So when a school switches conferences, or if a conference dissolves altogether....well, lets just say, its a moot question. Example....Miami holds their football championships....some as independant, some as a member of the Big East. Now that they are in the ACC....their next title will be there. A more correct question would be....which conference has the most schools with the most championships? Current schools in the Pac-10 combine to hold 15 NCAA titles in Basketball. Pac-10 (15)

SEC - (10)

Big Ten - (10)

Big East - (10)

ACC - (10)

Big 12 - (4)

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Q: Which conference holds the most NCAA titles?
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Ncaa football conference with the most national titles?


What NCAA football conference has won the most national titles?


Which university holds the most NCAA mens titles?


What is the college with the most NCAA basketball titles?

With 11 national titles, UCLA holds the record for the most NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championships.

What ncaa conference has the most national titles total for all sports?

PAC 10, by far

Which NCAA conference has won the most national titles from all major sports?

SEC in football

What college holds the most NCAA championships?

If you are speaking of NCAA Men's Basketball, the record for Most NCAA Championship Titles is UCLA with 11 (Coach John Wooden won 10 of the 11 NCAA titles at UCLA) Most NCAA Championship Titles: UCLA 11 Kentucky 7 Indiana 5 North Carolina 4 Duke 3

What NCAA football team has won the most conference titles in modern football?

That would have to be USC Definatly

Which conference has won the most March Madness championships?

UCLA holds the record for the most NCAA Men's Division

Which college has won the most titles in football baseball and basketball?

The Alabama Crimson Tide have won the most NCAA Football Titles The UCLA Bruins have won the most NCAA Basketball Titles The USC Trojans have won the most NCAA Baseball Titles In Women's NCAA Basketball the Connecticut Lady Huskies have the most NCAA Basketball Titles

Who has the most softball titles?

UCLA has the most NCAA titles

What team has the most NCAA titles?

The UCLA Bruins have the most NCAA Championships, with 11 total titles, among all schools.

What college holds most NCAA championships?

As of May 21, 2011 (thanks to Women's Golf), UCLA now has a total of 107 NCAA championship titles. Go Bruins!

Which conference has the most ncaa football champs?

alabama conference!

Which university conference have won the most NCAA titles in all sports?

The Pac-10.Pac-10 (15)SEC - (10)ACC - (10)

What NCAA men's basketball Conference has the most championship titles?

The Pac 10 with 15 Men's NCAA championships. UCLA - 11 Oregon - 1 Stanford - 1 California - 1 Arizona - 1

What conference has won the most NCAA championships?

PAC10 with 15. UCLA (which is in the PAC10 ) has more title then all the conferences expect the ACC. UCLA has 11 titles.

Who has the most men's NCAA basketball championship titles?

UCLA with 11 titles.

What team has the most titles in NCAA football?

The Mount Union Purple Raiders with 11. Note that Division 1-A does not have "NCAA titles".

Who has the most NCAA national titles?

In Football it is Princeton with 28 titles. In Basketball it is UCLA with 11 titles.

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Which conference has most NCAA championships?


Which NCAA conference has the most championship appearances?

I think its the SEC(South Eastern Conference)

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Who has the most NCAA men's basketball titles?