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Q: Which conference has the best NCAA tournament record in the past 20 years?
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What is the most teams ever sent to the NCAA basketball tournament by one conference?

The record is 11 teams. The Big East conference sent 11 teams to the NCAA Tournament in 2011.

Does the Ohio Valley Conference Champion go to the NCAA tournament?

The winner of theOhio Valley Conference tournament goes to the NCAA tournament

What NCAA conference has the best W-L record in tournament play?

The Southeastern Conference has the best W-L record in tournament play. ?æTennessee, Florida and Kentucky are 7-0 followed closely by the American conference.

What is the worst conference record for a team receiving an at-large bid to the NCAA men's basketball tournament?

Florida St. was selected as an at-large with a 6-10 conference record in 1998.

What are the NCAA tournament wins by conference?

The number of NCAA tournament wins by conference overall is led by the Big East. Coming a close second is the Atlantic Coast Conference and then after them is the Big 12.

What is an at large bid in the NCAA?

An at large bid is awarded to a team that makes the NCAA Tournament, but did not win their Conference Tournament.

What conference has the most wins in the ncaa tournament?


How do teams qualify for the NCAA tournament?

win conference tournament or get an at-large bid

What conference is Wichita State in the 2012 NCAA basketball tournament?

Wichita State is in the Missouri Valley Conference. They were listed as being in the South Regional in the 2012 NCAA tournament.

How many years in a row has UNC made it to the NCAA tourney?

41 years. they hold the record for the most wins in the ncaa tournament with 100

What conference has sent the most teams to NCAA Tournament?


How can a team automatically qualify for the tournament for the NCAA?

if they win their conference they are in

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