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There are 32 different division 1 men's Basketball conferences with 346 division 1 basketball teams with all conferences combined.

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Q: How many Division 1 men's basketball conferences are there?
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How many NCAA division 1 mens basketball schools are there?

There are 347 schools in 32 Division I basketball conferences.

Is there a website where you can find a printable version of all Division 1 Mens Basketball teams in their conferences?


How many colleges play NCAA Division 1 mens basketball?

348 schools spread throughout 32 conferences with 7 independents

How many division one basketball schools are there?

There are 346 mens basketball teams in the NCAA Division I.

How many Division 1AA mens basketball teams are there?


How many teams in division 1 mens college basketball?


What division is UConn basketball?

UConn mens and womens basketball play in NCAA Division I.

How many states are represented in this years NCAA division 1 mens basketball tournement?


How many teams compare in the mens NCAA division basketball championship?

a lot of teams. In fact, about 100!

Team with the most division 1 wins in mens basketball?


Who won the Most division 1 mens basketball championships?

UCLA with 11

Where is the Division II mens basketball elite 8 held in 2008?

Springfield, Massachusetts

Who won the 1997 basketball NCAA Championship?

Arizona in the mens Division 1 category.

Which NCAA division 1 schools have won national championships in mens basketball and womens basketball and football?

Stanford and Maryland

Who has the most wins as a college basketball coach and what year?

for mens division 1, bobby night

What mens team has won the most division 1 basketball NCAA tournament games?


Kentucky won their championship in 1978 for what sport?

NCAA Division 1 Mens Basketball championship

What Division 1 conference has the most schools fielding a mens basketball team?

big east

What teams went undefeated in division 1 mens basketball?

the last one was the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers

Which division 1 mens basketball team has the most wins in the last 10 years?

Florida gators

Who won the 2009 NCAA division 1 mens basketball championship?

North Carolina Tar Heels

How many mens basketball championships do Indiana have?


How many wins does kansas mens basketball have?


How many ncaa mens basketball teams are there?


What NCAA mens basketball coach has most division 1 wins?

Richard Pennington of Mocksville, North Carolina