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Q: Which college football team in Michigan is known as the Lakers?
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What college has a football team known as the wolverines?

The University of Michigan.The University of Michigan's nickname is the Wolverines.

Where did Les Miles start his coaching career?

Les Miles, known for his nickname "The Mad Hatter" is an American College Football coach and the current head coach of the LSU football team. He started his career at Michigan.

What college is known for hockey?

University of Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan or Boston College

What was Flozell Adams known for?

Flozell Jootin Adams is an American football offensive tackle who is currently a free agent. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round of the 1998 NFL Draft. He played college football at Michigan State.

What is Berkeley also known as in college football?


Was lakers a minnasota team?

From 1946 - 1959 the Lakers were known as the Minneapolis Lakers.

Did president ford play in any college bowls?

No.The University of Michigan, where President Ford played college football, played in the first ever Rose Bowl game (then known as the Tournament of Roses game) in 1902 and then did not play in another bowl game until the 1948 Rose Bowl.President Ford graduated from Michigan in 1935.

Did lennox college have a football team?

Yes, Lenox College of Hopkinton, Iowa, did indeed have a football team. The school is known to have fielded a collegiate football team as early as 1895.

What college football stadium seats over 100000?

1) Beaver Stadium (Penn State) 2) Michigan Stadium (Michigan) 3) Ohio Stadium (Ohio State) 4) Neyland Stadium (Tennessee) 5) Soldier Field (Notre Dame v. USC - 1929) 6) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Notre Dame v. USC - 1947) 7) Rose Bowl 8) JFK Stadium, also known as Municipal Stadium and Philadephia Stadium (Army v. Navy)

Which university is known for the fighting blue hens in college football?


What is ann arbor known for?

The University of Michigan, Michigan football, the location where the first Borders bookstores started, and having lots of trees, the list is long!

What is the University of Tennessee known for?

The University of Tennessee is known for their football team, the Volunteers. The college was founded in the 18th century.