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** It should be noted that the NCAA does not recognize a National Championship in football as there is no tournament format to declare a true national champion in a fair unbiased way.

** It should also be noted that the list below are "Division-1" and before there were multiple divisions

Recognized National Championships1.Ivy League-69 (Princeton 28, Yale 26, Harvard 7, Penn 7, Dartmouth 1)

2-BIG10- 40 (Michigan-11, Minnesota-6, Ohio State-7, Illinois-4 ,Michigan State-4, Penn State-4, Iowa-1

3 - SEC-30 (Alabama-12, Tennessee-4, LSU-4, Florida-3, Ga- 2, Arkansas-1, Auburn-2, Ole Miss-2 )

4- BIG12- 19 (Oklahoma-7, Nebraska-5, Texas-4, Texas A&M-2, Colorado-1)

5- PAC10- 15 (Southern Cal-8, Cal-4, Stanford-1, Washington-1, UCLA-1)

6- ACC- 14 (Miami-5, Ga.Tech-4, Maryland-1, Fla St.-2, Clemson-1, Boston College-1)

7- BIG EAST- 10 (Pittsburgh-9, Syracuse-1)

Bowl Championship Series SEC (6 - Tennessee, 1998; LSU, 2003, 2007; Florida, 2006, 2008; Alabama 2009)

Prior to the 1998 season, the Divsion I-A national championship was awarded, by the AP and various other polling organizations. The only thing any team "won" was a popularity contest. The big bowl games rarely pitted the best teams against each other, and in any event, until the 1970s, were played after the national championship was awarded. It was only with the establishment of the BCS that teams actually had to win the national championship, on the field. Since that time, SEC teams have won 6 national championships. No other conference has won more than 2 (Big 12, and ACC, if you include Miami's national championship in the ACC total, even though they were not part of the ACC at that time). The Big 10 and Pac 10 have one each (Ohio State and USC). The Big East has one, but only if you count Miami's national championship, since Miami was in the Big East at the time they won it. So:

If you go with conference affiliation at the time of the championship:

SEC (6)

Big 12 (2)

ACC (1)

Big 10 (1)

Big East (1)

Pac 10 (1)

All other Division I-A Conferences (0)

If you go with current conference affiliation:

SEC (6)

ACC (2)

Big 12 (2)

Big 10 (1)

Pac 10 (1)

Big East (0)

All other Division I-A Conferences (0)

Important note -- (as supervisor I do not want to delete the above because it is a common misinformed opinion) It is important that you don't believe it all as truth. The BCS is nothing more then the way the AP and the Coaches Poll determined the National Championship before 1998. The BCS is just a more complex system of calculating with computers and personal opinion how teams rank. The BCS actually takes into consideration the Harris Poll, Coaches Poll, and 4 computer rankings. There is nothing "played out on the field" about it. Proof needs to go no further then:

Boise State Broncos:

9-1 in Bowl Games since 1999

2006 - 13-0 (win over Oklahoma in 2007 Fiesta Bowl)

2007 - 10-3 (every loss was to top 25 team)

2008 - 12-1 (loss Poinsettia Bowl to #11 TCU)

2009 - 14-0 (won over TCU in 2010 Fiesta Bowl

*** yet no appearances in the BCS National Championship simply due to the fact they do not play in a "BCS conference"

--- no team outside the top 15 preseason poll to start the season has ever competed in the BCS National Championship. All the BCS does is now rather then having 2 possibly controversial Champions (Coaches Poll and AP poll champions), College Football has now 1 "controversial" champion

As a contributor, I won't delete the above because 1) I believe in free speech, even when it's ridiculous; and 2) I enjoying allowing those who disagree with me to make fools of themselves.

I admit that the BCS system is not perfect. In fact, nothing short of an 8-team (preferably 16-team) playoff will ever crown a "true" national champion. But the BCS is, nevertheless, a far cry better than the previous system. It is better because, The national championship is WON. On the field. In a game. Between two teams that SOMEONE thinks are the best two teams in the country. Yes, quite often, that someone is WRONG about those two teams being the best. But there's still a game between someone's idea of the best two teams in the country. That rarely happened prior to the BCS.

As for Boise State, that is truly laughable.Let me break down those bowl victories for you:

2006 - 13-0 (win over Oklahoma in 2007 Fiesta Bowl)

And Oklahoma is what? 0-6 in BCS bowl games? Look, Oklahoma, at its best, is the second or third best team in a conference that is a DISTANT second best. But, on top of that, Oklahoma, of late, can't seem to find a reason to get up for a big bowl game. Based on their performance in recent history, I suspect St. Mary's School for the Blind could beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. For the record, though no one has been bad enough to lose to Oklahoma in a BCS game in the past ten years or so, Boise State came closer to losing than any of Oklahoma's other BCS opponents, winning by 1 point on a trick play in overtime.

2007 - 10-3 (every loss was to top 25 team)

Exactly. They lost to three top-25 teams. This proves they can't hang with top-25 teams. They don't need to be humiliated by Florida in a national championship game to prove this - it has already been proven.

2008 - 12-1 (loss Poinsettia Bowl to #11 TCU)

Again, Boise State can't beat a top-ranked team (though in this case, TCU was way overranked, due to an artificially-inflated win total against pathetic teams. Kinda like Boise State.)

2009 - 14-0 (won over TCU in 2010 Fiesta Bowl)

Doesn't mention either team's rank, but I think they were both top ten, or close. It doesn't matter though, because both teams were way overranked (again due to artificially-inflated win totals against pathetic teams). Neither of them could have beaten any other BCS bowl team. The BCS folks put these two teams together so ONE of them could say they had won a BCS bowl game.

I sincerely hope we get a playoff one day soon just so we can put to rest this ridiculous notion that Boise State can play with the big boys. Barring that, I have a question for you. If your Boise State Broncos go 13-0 next year, and the BCS finally lets them into the BCS national championship game, and they get their butts whipped 63-7 by the winner of the REAL national championship game (played in Atlanta in Early December), will you guys finally give up the notion that you can play with the big boys?

Additionally, I believe that the Boise State Record in BCS bowls since 1999 is 6-4


2004 Autozone Liberty Bowl: Lost to Luisville 44 to 40

2005 MPC Computers Bowl: Loss to Boston College 27 to 21

2007 Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Loss to East Carolina 41 to 38

2008 San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: Loss to TCU 17 to 16

11/30/2010: After reading what both the contributor and the supervisor wrote. Just to help out the Boise State Fan's Case: NEVADA...oh wait, I guess that didn't help. This probably doesn't either. Auburn #1, Arkansas #7, LSU #10. Please, give it a rest.

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Q: Which college football conference has won the most national championships?
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