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Joe Paterno of Penn State with 24, all at Penn State.

who are the top 5

Very hard question! I believe it is Bobby Bowden of Florida State University & West Virginia University. Joe Pa had all his wins vacated from 1998-2011. One of Paterno's vacated bowl wins was the 2005 Orange Bowl against Bobby Bowden. Unsure if Bowden would get a win in this case. Bowden himself had his 2006 Emerald Bowl win vacated. Bowden also won the 1975 Peach Bowl with WVU. Bowden won 21 Bowl games with FSU. I' would minus the vacated 2006 Emerald Bowl from Bowden's total and add the the 2005 Orange Bowl, bringing Bowden's total with WVU & FSU bowl wins to 22.

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Q: Which coach has the most ncaa division 1 football bowl wins?
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