Which club ronaldinho play 1997

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Which club ronaldinho play 1997
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What club does ronaldinho play for?

flamingo of brazil

Where does ronaldinho play club soccer?

Ronaldinho plays for AC Milan as the no. 80 since 2008.

What team does ronaldinho play for 2011?

It is the Brazilian club Flamingo.

What team did ronaldinho play for first?

His first big club was Gremio in Brazil.

What Football team does Ronaldinho play for?

Ronoldhino plays for the Brazilian club Fulminesee.

What team did Ronaldinho's older brother play for?

It was a club in Brazil , may be Gremio or Flamenggo.

Is Ronaldinho going to Club America?

It's officail Ronaldinho will be in a Club America jersey next tournement!

Ronaldinho where is he from?

ronaldinho is from brasil even if he doesent play for brasil no more now that he retired but he still plays for flamengo football club ronaldinho was like if he had magic in his feet he was one of the best soccer players in history

Does Ronaldinho still play soccer in 2010?

He does, he currently plays for Milan AC. But, he might be transfered to another club if there´s an interest from club

Has ronaldinho changed his club?

yes he has.

What club was Ronaldinho on in 2011?


How many goals by ronaldinho in gremio club?