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Q: Which club did sunil gavaskar represent in Mumbai?
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Where can you join a cricket club in Mumbai as a player?

I want to join cricket club in mumbai.anywhere

Who found the first Indian cricket club?

Oriental Cricket Club by the Parsis in Mumbai.

In which year was the Wellington club of mumbai built?


When is air India football club trails in Mumbai?

Wednesday 7 until 8

Aircraft engineering colleges in mumbai?

The top Aircraft engineering colleges in mumbai are : Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Indian Aerospace and Engineering institute and Bombay Flying Club.

Which emirate does Khaleej Club represent?


Which emirate does misafwat club represent?


Which was the first cricket club founded by Indians?

The first cricket club founded by an Indian community was the Oriental Cricket Club by the Parsis in Mumbai. It was founded on 1848 and was sponsered by wealthy Parsi businessmen like the Tatas and the Wadias.

Who is the oldest football player to represent arsenal football club?


How do you represent a club in FIFA soccer 10?

You cant, your to sh1t

Which emirate does masafi club represent?

ras al khamia

What is the rising action in the story Amigo Brothers?

to see who was going to represent the Boys Club.

What do ems and ens represent?

They represent the pen 15 club and help the emus from extinction as they are being held captive and don't get to bang.

What does IR club car represent?

Ingersol Rand, the parent company

Which emirate does al arabi club represent?

Umm al quwain

Which emirates does Misafwat club represent?

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

What is the blue frog music project about?

Blue Frog is a music club located in Mumbai and Delhi that allow live music to be performed. The club is open 6 days a week allowing musicians a live platform for performing their music.

What actors and actresses appeared in August Club - 2013?

The cast of August Club - 2013 includes: Praveen Anidil as Sisir Mala Aravindan as Lazar Sukumari as Bhagavati Amma Thilakan as KPT Menon Sasi Kalinga as Cher Rima Kallingal as Savitri Sunil Sukhada as Lona

What do the vin numbers represent on a club car golf cart?

vehicle identification number

What do the stickers on the helmet in football mean?

The stickers on the football helmet represent the club emblems. Each club or team has a specific symbol that sets them apart from other teams.

Who is the oldest player to ever represent a club in the premiership?

Teddy Sherrigham who was 39 years old.and a striker.

Is it compulsory for an athlete to represent a country?

No. However in certain competitions it is usual to represent a club, town or city. In international competitions it is often necessary to do so.

What does the swan represent in the epigraph about the swan in the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan?

The swan represents hopes and dreams.

What brands does ImagineX represent?

ImagineX represents brands like Club Monaco, DKNY, Donna Karan, Juicy Couture, Tumi, Paul Smith and Marc Jacobs. Furthermore they represent beauty brands like Aveda and Apivita.

Are west ham a big club?

To me west ham represent an average premier league side, have a decent fan base and decent ground. Fall short of being a big club though, there main aim is to avoid relegation