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Soccer cleats generally are much lighter and the lightest, the adizero, weigh only 6 oz.

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Q: Which cleats are lighter football ones or soccer ones?
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What are the differences between soccer cleats and softball cleats?

so, soccer cleats, don't have a 'toe' cleat on the top, and a softball cleat does. if you compare them, look at the very top. also they are made of different materials, and on the bottom part, where the heal is, soccer cleats usually have a different pattern.

Can you use football cleats as baseball ones?


What is the best pair of football cleats?

The ones that make you play good

Are metal or molded cleats better?

for baseball metal cleats are usally the one you want do to the dirt but with metal cleats you cant cut as good like the molded ones trust me i had a pair for football if its not turf you want detachable

Will turf cleats work on grass?

Well, you should probably not use metal cleats. The soccer referees won't allow metal cleats. Just check out Adidas cleats online or Nike and they should have the kind you need. That's what I have for soccer.

What is the Difference between football cleats and football cleats?

Football players wear cleats when playing, mainly for traction and grip on the field. The cleats dig into the ground to give the player a safe and secure feeling of balance, which is very important and serious when playing on a wet, muddy and soggy field.

Aremetal soccer cleats legal?

Yes, You should get the extra sharp ones so that you cause more injuries.

Which sports has an off-side rule?

football/soccer and rugby are the only ones i can think of

What are some spring sports?

Soccer,football,tennis,lacross,and golf are the ones I know

What is the lightest cleat in football?

The addidas scorch low cut with plastic cleats my son-who wears an adult size 10-is a wide receiver and a lacrosse middie-has worn these for a couple years. absolutely loves them. weigh 9 ounces-the lightest weight football/lacrosse cleat on the market. there are lighter ones for soccer, but with little foot support. the scorch competion has plenty of support. Adidas is coming out with a new cleat later this month-5.8 ounces-no idea about the foot support. it's called the Adidas F50 adizero.

What equipment do soccar players need to play?

There are not many pieces of equipment that is needed to play street soccer. All that is needed is a ball, space to play and people to play with. Goals are nice but there can be homemade ones.

What are the most fun outside games in America?

Football, Baseball, Soccer,and Softball are the main ones