Which celebrities are Red Sox fans?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Ben Affleck, Rob Schnider, Ben Stiller has shown up occasionally, Matt Damon, Mike O'Mally

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Q: Which celebrities are Red Sox fans?
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Why do the Red Sox hate the Yankees?

The Red Sox "FANS" hate the Yankee "FANS".

Do Yankees fans have more hatred for the Mets or Red Sox?

Red Sox. Just watch any of there games and the fans in the stands.

How many fans do the Red Sox have?

Impossible to answer.

Who is known as Yaz to the Red Sox fans?

Carl Yastrzemski

Are there more Red Sox fans than Yankee fans?

Probably more Yankees fans because they have more wins then Boston.

Is Connecticut mostly made up of Red Sox fans?

Connecticut is very interesting because it is spit right down the middle. the eastern part of the state is primarily Red Sox fans and the Western part is made up of Yankees fans.

Are there any sports bars in New York City that cater to Red Sox fans during baseball season?

There are very few sports bars that only cater to Red Sox fans in New York City. Some can be found though for NYC residents that support the red sox.

Does Joe Jonas like the red sox's?

no the Jonas brothers are yankeys fans

What is a Pink Hat Boston Red Sox fan?

A pink hat red sox fan is typically female and trendy. However, most are bandwagon fans who have just latched on the recent success of the Red Sox.

Do Red Sox have more fans than Yankee?

absolutely not Yankees are a much better team therefor have more fans

Who are some actors who are Red Sox fans?

One of the most popular is Ben Affleck.

Do celebrities generally like meeting their fans?

Yes, most celebrities love to visit and speak with fans.