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Nike Bauer 5500

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Q: Which brand of helmet is worn by most NHL players?
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What brand of spikes is worn by most MLB players?

The two most common brands are Adidas and nike

Which brand of gloves is worn by most NHL players?

They mostly wear a type of Bauer glove.

What brand cap is worn by baseball players?

New Era

What brand helmet is most worn in the NFL?

Riddell has the exclusive rights to the NFL but 30% and growing are switching to Schutt helmets. The Ion4 and the Air XP are the best models. Players have to cover all Schutt emblems because of the Riddell contract and will have to do so until at least 2014 when that contract expires.

A heavy protective metal covering worn by soldiers?


What baseball players throw out?

broken baseball bats,emty water bottle,worn out glove,mest up baseball,broken helmet

What was the metal helmet called worn by Romans?

A metal helmet was called a "cassis" .

What Equpment is worn for softball?

if you are playing in the feild All players need a mit but the catcher MUST wear a chest protector, helmet, knee savers, and a helmet. When you are batting, you wear a helmet and use a bat. Some people choose to use batting gloves and a slider but they are NOT NESSACARY.

When is it legal for a motorcyclist to not wear a helmet?

Never in CA. It is the law that a helmet is worn at all times.

Tall fur helmet worn by a hussar?


What is a burgonet?

A burgonet is a light helmet worn by infantrymen.

Does a helmet wear out?

A helmet can become worn or damaged.Do not wear a helmet that has been in an accident, it might be cracked and not protect another time!

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