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I have not heard of metal plates in gloves! but in June 1983, Luis Resto beat Michael Collins so badly that Collins told his father/trainer that he felt like he was getting hit with rocks, when the fight ended, (Collins was beaten to a pulp, I have never seen a face like it before or after and don't want to ever see that again) his father (suspicious) went over to congratulate Resto by shaking his gloved hands, on doing so, he noticed less padding in them, he alerted the ref and it was found out that 2 inch of padding had been removed, the trainer and the boxer were both banned. Resto served a prison sentence for this and his trainer was banned from training. His trainer got his way around this by training in a different country. Most recently Resto revealed that the hand tape was also soaked in plaster of Paris. Collins suffered blurred vision after the fight and could not fight again, he eventually drove his car over a cliff, killing him.

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Q: Which boxer got caught using metal plate in his gloves the other boxer then committed suicide?
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