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topps Tiffany

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Q: Which box set baseball cards are worth the most?
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1987 topps baseball cards?

you could find them in a $4.00 box of 75 baseball cards at walgreens. There worth about a nickel.

What is a unopened emmit smith wheaties box worth?

it depends on the cards

What is the value of a set of 1991 donruss 36 count baseball cards?

The box you have is not a set of cards. It is a box of 36 packs of cards, and if sealed sells for about $10. -$15.

How much are a box of dessert storm cards worth?

about $6 sorry to disappoint

What is box of 1990 fleer baseball cards worth?

1990 Fleer baseball card setThe 1990 Fleer baseball card set consist of 660 cards. A complete set has a book value of about $10.00 in near mint condition, A sealed factory set is worth about $12.00. Key cards in the set include Card 548 - Sammy Sosa RC, and Card 624A -Cal Ripken.

What is a box of 1952 Topps Cards and a box of 1953 Bowman cards worth?

The 1952 box is maybe around $120,000 the 53 bowman im not sure.Also varies by condition i would think.

How many cards in 1995 leaf baseball pack?

Leaf Limited cards were issued in six-box cases with 20 packs per box and five cards per pack.

How much is a sealed 1990 baseball pack worth?

It's hard to put a real value on an individual pack of cards. However, a box of 36 packs is worth about $20 so it goes to reason that an individual pack is worth about 50 cents.

How much is the whole set of gold plated Pokemon cards worth in the ball with the box?


How much is the whole set of Pokemon gold cards worth with ball and box?

more 100

How much is a 1989 topps baseball box set worth?

The 1989 topps box set is worth about $12,000 dollars, box sets must have every card in mint condition to be worth anything

What is the value of 1990 score collector set of baseball cards 704 player cards and 56 magic motion trivia cards still sealed in box?


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