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Q: Which bowler is most hattrick in one day international cricket cricket?
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Who takes most hattrick in world cricket?

it is lasith malinga to take 3 hattricks

Who bowler has the most clean bowled in cricket?

Pasan Rajapakse. On a cricket Finals he bowled six wickets in a row and broke the middle stump into several pieces. Also he is being named for the bowler with no wides and 6 Hat-ricks

Which Pakistani bowler has taken the most number of wickets in cricket world cup history?

Waseem Akram

What does the term ICC mean in cricket?

International Cricket CouncilThe International Cricket Council is the international governing body of the sport of Cricket, responsible for most if not all professional and international matters in the sport.Inetrnational Cricket the international governing body of cricket. It was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from England, Australia and South Africa.

In which international stadium is the highest one-day international cricket game played?

Which international cricket stadium holds the record for the most number of One-day internationals. *

Which Australian left handed bowler took the most wickets in a single test match at the Sydney cricket ground?

it was mitchell Johnson

Which bowler holds the most wickets in one day international career?

muthiah murlidharan of sri lanka holds the most wickets in one day international career

Who is the most capped international cricket captain?

graeme smith

Who hit most boundaries in international cricket?

Sachin tendulkar

Who is the most popular cricketer in Pakistan?

Not many famous sports person are there in Pakistan but some might ring a bell in you:- Shahid Afridi (Cricket)Wasam Akram (Former cricket bowler)Umar Akmal( Cricket)Saeed Ajmal( Cricket)

The most wickets in a row ever in cricket?

Ken Cumming was a West Australian Fast-Medium Bowler who in Australian First Grade cricket in March 1944 took 5 wickets in consecutive balls.

Which Pakistani bowler has taken most number of wickets in cricket world cup history?

Wasim Akram,He took 55 wickets in 38 matches.